Short Speech On Independence Day In English

Short Speech On Independence Day In English

Respected Teachers and all my dear friends! Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Dear Audience! 15th of August 1947 is remembered in history as the day India apparently won her freedom from Colonial Powers and became Independent.
Our forefathers actually sacrificed their lives for the true freedom. We Indians are deprived of it till date۔ ‌
On one side, the independence of the country was being announced and on the other side, the country was burning in the fire of riots thousands of Indians were being killed, looted and raped. India was burning at both- her Eastern and Western borders and millions were displaced.

It is said that this freedom was obtained from the colonial powers. I disagree with that.
Today, in 2023 no one can deny the fact that we have been overtaken by neo-colonization.
Go to any retail store, any mall, any supermarket and you will see colonization all over the place. The food we eat and the refreshments we drink, the clothes we wear and the accessories we use, the toys our kids play with and even the schools that they attend- from soap to car to even national defence equipment- almost everything has been manufactured by an MNC at the ruthless expense of its local competitors.
Government policies of the ‘market country’ are cunningly influenced by the Colonial companies; their local economy is damned! What else is Colonization then, may I ask?
No, and a loud NO! India is still not independent in the true sense of the word.
Our legislators may be Indian, but the laws they legislate are not independent of foreign diktats. Our foreign policy is a slave to the clear dictations of warmongering Superpowers. Our Judiciary is no longer independent of the corrupt influence of our ruling politicians. Our Media houses are not free to print and air the truth.
The rampant saffronization of Education which has gained momentum these days is evident not only in Moral Science and History textbooks but has also spread its tentacles in the films we see and the serials we view.

My Dears!
The British who enslaved us some decades back and it is our disgraceful and corrupt politicians who are enslaving us now. They are as much interested in looting the country as were the British.
poor healthcare, illiteracy, injustice, lack of security of life and property.
Young innocent men are being labelled terrorists and locked up in prisons. Churches are being burned down, masjids are being demolished.
Life has become miserable for the poor and the lower middle class .

Dear Brothers and sisters!

True freedom can only be achieved by submitting ourselves to our Creator. Let His be the Sovereignty on earth as it is in Heaven. Let our laws be legislated under Divine guidance; let out education and arts, our research and our media, our policies and administration, our businesses and trade, our personal and public life- all be a reflection of His Will, then and only then can we proudly claim, “Yes, we are free.”

Thanks to the school management for giving me to the chance of present my speach. And special thanks to my father who have guide and prepare me

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