Surah An Naba PDF

Surah An Naba PDF, Surah Al Naba PDF, Surah Amma PDF

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Introduction to Surah An Naba

This surah comes at number 78. It has 2 Rukus and 40 verses. This is a Meccan surah. It was  revealed during the early period of the establishment of Mecca.

Al-Naba means news, mean news of the Resurrection and the Hereafter. These three topics are discussed in this whole surah:

1 The monotheism of Allah.

2 Messengership of the Holy Prophet.

3 Day of Judgment.

In this surah, Allah Ta’ala has admonished the polytheists and the disbelievers that they deny the Day of Resurrection due to ignorance.

  Then Allah explained His verses of power that He created them and everything in the universe. It is He who gives them death and then He will resurrect them on the Day of Resurrection.

  And He will reward or punish the believers and disbelievers according to their good deeds.

Download Surah Naba PDF 52 KB

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