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Thematic Contents of the Surah

Surah Al-Anfal now opening here is a Madani Surah. Surah Al-A` raf which appeared previous to it carried a description of the ignorance and hostility from the Mushrikin and the disbelief and mischief from the people of the Book, as well as a discussion of the subjects related to these.

In this Surah, most of the subjects are connected with the battle of Badr which was the occasion when these very people met their sad end in defeat and Muslims succeeded in scoring a victory against them. This was Divine favour and blessing for Muslims and a punishment and retribution for disbelievers.

Since the main reason behind this blessing and reward for Muslims is their absolute sincerity, Godliness and unity – and this sincerity and unity is a result of their total obedience to Allah and His Messenger – therefore, it is at the very beginning of the Surah that stress has been laid on righteous conduct rooted in the fear of Allah (Taqwa) and on obedience due to Him and His Messenger – and on the need to remember Allah and to trust in Him (Dhikr of Allah and Tawakkul mentioned in verse 2).

Surah Anfal PDF 111 KB

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