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The virtue of Surah Noah

Surah Nuh is one of the Meccan Surahs in the Holy Qur’an. It consists of twenty-eight verses.

It was called Surah Nuh For mentioning the story of Noah عليه السلام  And that Allah Almighty drowned them in the flood, after Nuh – عليه السلام – called them to worship Allah Almighty alone, and not to associate partners with Him, but they did not comply with His command.

There are no special hadiths about the virtue of Surah Nuh on the authority of the Prophet – صلى الله عليه وسلم –   In fact, all that was reported are fabricated hadiths that have no basis. The virtue of Surah Nuh is like the excellence of the rest of the Holy Qur’an.   In reading it, as in reading the entire Noble Qur’an for a Muslim, there is a great reward and a great virtue that only allah Almighty knows.

Benefits of Surah Nuh

The contemplator of Surah Nuh and what his story with his nation included is able to stand on many lessons and great lessons, including:

The agreement of the prophets – عليهم السلام – all of them from Nuh, up to Muhammad, in their call to unite allah – the Almighty – and to worship Him and not associate with Him.

Contemplation of the power of Allah Almighty; From the stages of human creation, and how to create the heavens, the earth, the sun, and the moon, and harness them for humanity.

literature in the invitation: The Prophet Nuh – عليهم السلام – resorted to all methods in his call to his nation. So he called them at all times. day and night, taking all the reasons for calling them; Where he was patient with them, and talked with them with kindness and gentleness, and encouraged them to have plenty of livelihoods, and many children and wealth, and he indicated that with the verses, He established arguments and proofs for them, and warned them not to believe in his message.

Patience in invitation; Noah – عليهم السلام – was patient in his inviting to his nation, As he continued to invite them for nine hundred and fifty years, and what requires patience is not to rush the results, not to despair, or to despair of the call.

Surah Yaseen PDF Online

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