how to pray maghrib

How To Pray Maghrib, How To Pray Maghrib Namaz

Maghrib Starting And Ending Time

There are a total of 5 prayers on every Muslim in the night and day, and one of these prayers Maghrib is also, its time starts after sunset just, and ends after one and a half hours.

How Many Rakats In Maghrib Prayer?

Maghrib prayer has total 7 Rakats: 3 rakat Fard, 2 rakat Sunnah Muakkadah, and 2 Rakat Nafl.

How To Pray Maghrib?

After sunset start your performance from 3 rakat fard, and in the first rakat, read Sana, Tauwwuz, Tasmiya, after that, read Alhamdu, and any surah from holy Quran, after that do Ruku and Sajda.

And in the second rakat read Alhamdu and surah, and after Ruku and sajda do Qada Ula, and in this Qada read Tashauhud, it called also Attahiyaat, and then stand up for third rakat.

In the third rakat read Alhamdu only, and then do Ruku and sajda, and perform Qada Akhrira, and in this qada, read again Tashauhus, and Darud, and Duaa e Masurah  and then perform Salam.

After that perform 2 rakat sunnah, it is also very important, but not like fard, it called Sunnah Muakkadha, read surah in each rakat of this Sunnah afrer Alhamdu.

After that perform 2 rakat nafal, and perform this like Sunnah.

Which Surah We Should Read In Maghrib Prayer

You can read in maghrib which surah you remember, but as a Sunnah way you should read any surah between Surah Zilzaal and Surah Naas, maghrib prayer has a little time, so reading the little Surah in this prayer is the Sunnah way.

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