You are currently viewing Surah Hujurat PDF, Surah Hujurat Full PDF, Surah Al Hujurat PDF

Surah Hujurat PDF, Surah Hujurat Full PDF, Surah Al Hujurat PDF

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The virtue of Surat Al-Hujurat in positively affecting the life of a Muslim

  • Leaving a bad thought, as Allah Almighty says: {O you who have believed, avoid a lot of suspicion, for some suspicion is a sin.} It is worth mentioning here that allah – the Mighty and Sublime – commanded the abandonment of many suspicions and did not command the abandonment of all suspicions, and this is because some suspicions are not blameworthy as the bad thoughts of bad people.
  • Leaving spying, and in that, allah Almighty said: {And do not spy}.   Spying means looking for hidden news.
  • Leaving backbiting, and that is in the words of God Almighty: {And do not backbite one another. Allah Almighty urges to abandon backbiting, and mentions that backbiting is like eating the flesh of a person backbited, and this indicates the ugliness and badness of backbiting.
  • Leaving pride without piety, as the allah Almighty said: {Indeed, the most honorable of you with God is the most pious of you} So he made the only criterion for differentiation among humans to be piety, and neither lineage nor lineage nor the abundance of money played a role in raising the status of God Almighty.

Download Surah Hujurat PDF 66 KB

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