Surah Qiyamah PDF

Surah Qiyamah PDF, Surah Al Qiyamah PDF

Surah Qiyamah PDF 51 KB

Introduction to Surah Al-Qiyamah

It comes in at number 75 in the order. It was revealed in the early Meccan period. It has 40 verses and two ruku.

In it, all the objections of the disbelievers have been answered about what the disbelievers used to say about the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) regarding his prophethood, teachings, heaven, hell, and the hereafter.

As is evident from the name Qiyamah, the map of Qiyamah has been drawn very well and it has been told that this is a true and clear reality What you think that no one knows, but you know it for sure, because the guard of conscience has been placed on all of you, which warns you equally about every wrong action.

Although this comes only in self-delusion, the real work continues to be equal to Allah’s command and arrangement. That is, the film of your actions is being prepared.

And today’s scientist knows very well the reasons for making this film with evidence, so obviously when all this is there, then what is the way to avoid the punishment of the actions done? While there the time of repentance is over, the department of recommendation and bribery will be completely extinct.

Surah Qiyamah PDF 51 KB

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