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Introduction Surah Al-Shams

It comes in number 91 in order and has one ruku and 15 verses. This Surah Mubaraka purely discusses the human character.

The early period of the establishment of Mecca was a very difficult time for the Muslims. If you imagine that idols are being worshiped all around, people do not even know the name of Allah, that is, they have no concept of Allah alone. Lies, deceit and murder are so widespread that a person suddenly rises up and claims monotheism, worships idols and forbids all evil, enjoins goodness and guarantees the hereafter and heaven and hell. Gives a message. Think how this person will be in the eyes of people.

This was the situation of the beloved Prophet (PBUH) and the people of Makkah at that time. those people were shocked, and the same person whom he loved so much before. Sadiq and Amin used to say, they started calling him mad, ‘magician’, poet, etc,

So, in order to deal with such people, first the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) had to fight alone, then a small group, and whatever message was revealed by Allah at that time, there are less orders, but more of the initial teachings. It is mentioned. Therefore, Surah Al-Shams also gives a similar message.

Surah Shams PDF 39 KB

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