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Islamic Female Names Of Sahabiyaat

Importence of Names in Hadiths

Narrated Abud Darda: The Prophet ﷺ said: On the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your names and by your father’s names, so give yourselves good names. (sunan abi daud: 4948)

Hazrat Anas said; I took ‘Abd Allah b. Abi Talhah, when he was born, to the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), and the prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) was wearing a woolen cloak and rubbing tar on his camel. He asked:
Have you some dates? I said: Yes. I then gave him some dates which he put in his mouth, chewed them, opened his mouth and then in it. The baby began to lick them. The prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: ANSAR’s favourite (fruit) is dates. And he gave him the name of ‘Abd al-Rahman.  (sunan abi daud: 4951)

Narrated Abu Wahb al-Jushami (RA):
The Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) said: Call yourselves by the names of the Prophets. The names dearest to Allah are ‘Abdullah and ‘Abdur Rahman, the truest are Harith and Hammam, and the worst are Harb and Murrah. (sunan abi daud: 4950)

Choosing the best Islamic name

Among the moral rights of children over parents is the right to choose a good name.

Parents must choose good names for their children when they are born and avoid giving the child an ugly name that will harm him as he grows up, as, Since there is no doubt that a person’s name has an impact on his psyche, either positively or negatively, depending on the goodness or ugliness of the name.

Muslim conditions regarding naming children

Today, the world of the Internet has become very common and popular. People take the help of Google and YouTube for many of their issues, one of which is the naming of babies.

Earlier, people used to go to scholars and experts in Islamic studies to name their children, and they would suggest suitable names.

But now mostly people access the internet for naming, and they name by trusting these websites and blogs.

Nowadays, in our society, a lot of meaningless names are seen, in which the names of the Internet play a major role.

There are hundreds of Islamic name websites on the internet, and Facebook and Instagram have a long list of Islamic names and their meanings. But I say with full confidence that most of these names and their meanings are wrong.

And the reason for this is that our Islamic names are generally Arabic, Persian, or Urdu, which the majority of Muslims are not familiar with.

And this is also the case with people who publish these names on websites. They know a little bit of English, but they don’t know Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu. That’s why they write the reverse meaning of the names and publish them on their blog, and people who are searching for the name on Google assume that these bloggers must have been correct and considered good when they published them, and they believe them and put names with the reverse meaning.

We are definitely not saying that you should not search for a name on the Internet or that you should not choose a name from the Internet; you should search for a name and choose a name; just make sure that you consult an expert before finalizing the name. Be sure to ask if I want to keep this name—is it okay or not? If they finalize, then keep the name; otherwise, find another name and ask about it again.

It happens more to me that people send me internet names and ask me if they are correct or not. And many people also refer to websites that say the meaning of the name is correct or not. And I research the name and tell him if it’s right or wrong. Well, I have relatives who contact me, but I don’t know how many people will trust these names, so I thought of making a list of correct names and then publishing it on my blog so that common people will know and can also benefit from this.

List of  Names of Sahabiyat For Muslim Girls

Muslim Girls Names of Sahabiyah
آسِيَة Aasiyahwife of Firaun
آمِنَة AaminahArabicbeliever
أَثِيْلَة Aseelah/AtheelaArabicReal or inherent
أَرْوَى ArwahArabicName of Sahabiyah
أَسْمَاء AsmaArabicName of Sahabiyah
أُمَامة UmamaArabicName of Sahabiyah
أَمَةُ الله Amatul lahArabicServant of Allah
أُمَيْمَة  UmaimahArabicName of Sahabiyah
أُنَيْسَة UnaisaArabicFamiliar
بُجَيْنة BuhainahArabicName of Sahabiyah
بَرْزَة BarzahArabicMaturation of opinion and intellect
بَرَكَة BarakahArabicGood luck
بَرَّة BarrahArabicGoodness, kindness
بَرِيْرَة BarirahArabicName of Sahabiyah
بَريْعَة BariyahArabicBrilliant
بُسْرَة BusrahArabicbud, Khujoor
بُهَيَّة BuhayyahArabicpretty, glossy, pleasant
بَيْضَاء Baiza/ BaidhaArabicwhite
تَمِيْمَة TameemahArabiccomplete, whole, perfect,
ثُبَيْتَة SubaitahArabicSteadfast, strong, stable, established
جَمِيْلة JameelahArabicbeautiful
جُمَيْمَة JumaimahArabicrelax,
جُوَيْرِيَة JuwairiyahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Little gorl
حَبِيْبَة HabeebahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Dear
حَرَمْلَة HarmalahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حَسَّانة HassanahArabicbeautiful
حَسَنَة HasanahArabicGood deed
حَفْصَة HafsahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حَلِيْمَة HaleemahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حُمَيْمَة HumaimahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حُمَيْنَة HumainahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حَوَّاء HawwahArabicName of Sahabiyah
خالِدَة KhalidahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Etarnel
خَدِيْجَة KhalidahArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
خُزَيْمَة KhuzaimahArabicName of Sahabiyah
خُضْرة Khuzrah/ KhudhrahArabicGreenery, Softness
خُلَيْدة KhulaidahArabicEtarnel
خُلَيْسَة KhulaisahArabicName of Sahabiyah, brave
خَنْسَاء KhansaArabicName of Sahabiyah
خَوْلَة KhaulahArabicName of Sahabiyah
دُرَّة  DurrahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Pearl
رَائِعة RayiyahArabicAmazing
رُبَيِّع RubayyiArabicName of Sahabiyah
رَزِيْنَة RazeenahArabicSeriousness, dignity, tolerance
رِفاعَة Rifaa’ahArabicLoudness of voice
رُفَيْدة RufaidahArabicName of Sahabiyah, assistant director
رُقَيَّة RuqayyahArabicDaughter of Muhamamd (S A W)
رَمْلَة RamlahArabicName of Sahabiyah
رُمَيْثَة Rumaisa/ RumaithaArabicName of Sahabiyah
رَوْضَة Raizah/ RaudhaArabicGarden
رَيْحَانة RaihanaArabicflower of paradise
زَيْنَب ZainabArabicDaughter of Muhamamd (S A W)
سُعَاد So’aadArabicName of Sahabiyah, Lucky
سَعْدَة Sa’adaArabicgood fortune, Lucky
سُعَيْدَة SayeedahArabicgood fortune, Lucky
سَلْمٰى SalmaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Protected from harm
سُمَيَّة SumayyiahArabicName of Sahabiyah
سُنْبُلَة SumbulahArabicSpica
سَهْلَة SahlaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Smooth, fluent
سُهَيْمَة SuhaimaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Small arrow
سَوْدَة SaudahArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
شُرْفَة ShurfaArabicbalcony, gallery, high place
شُمَيْلَة ShumailaArabiclittle turban
شَهِيْدَة shaheedahArabicWitness
صَفِيَّة SafiyyiahArabicPure, Loyal friend
عاتِكَة AatikahArabicVery fragrant
عالِية AaliahArabicHigh-ranking
عائِشَة AayishaArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
عَذْبَة AzbahArabicSweet
عِصْمَة IsmahArabicAvoid sins
عَفْرَاء AfraArabicName of Sahabiyah
عُلَيَّة OlayyiahArabicHigh-ranking
عَمْرَة AmrahArabicName of Sahabiyah
عُمَيْرَة OmairahArabicName of Sahabiyah
عُوَيْمِرَة OwaimirahArabicName of Sahabiyah
فارِعَة  FariyahArabicThe highest part of the mountain
فاطِمَة FatimahArabicDaughter of Muhamamd (S A W)
فَرْوَة FarwahArabicName of Sahabiyah
فُرَيْعَة Furai’ahArabicLittle branch
قُرَّةُ الْعَيْن Qurratul ainArabicCoolness of eye
قُرَيْبَة QuraibahArabicNear
كَرِيْمَة KareemahArabicGenerous
لُبَابَة LubabaArabicA pure part of everything, Essence, the brain
لُبنٰى LubnaArabicName of Sahabiyah
لَيْلٰى LailaArabicName of Sahabiyah
مَارِيَة MaariyahArabicServant of Muhamamd (S A W)
مُحِبَّة MuhibbahArabicloving
مَرْضِيِّة Marziyyah/ MardhiyyahArabicSatisfying
مَرْيَم MaryamMother of Isla Alaihisslam
مَسَرَّة MasarrahArabicDelight
مُطِيْعَة MuteeahArabicObedient
مُلَيْكَة MulaikahArabicName of Sahabiyah
مَيْمُوْنة MaimoonaArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
نائِلَة NaaylahArabicName of Sahabiyah
نُسَيْبَة NusaibahArabicName of Sahabiyah
نَفِيْسَة NafeesaArabicPrecious, Excellent
هَالَة HalaArabicName of Sahabiyah

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