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Choosing the best Islamic name

Among the moral rights of children over parents is the right to choose a good name.

Parents must choose good names for their children when they are born and avoid giving the child an ugly name that will harm him as he grows up, as, Since there is no doubt that a person’s name has an impact on his psyche, either positively or negatively, depending on the goodness or ugliness of the name.

Importence of Names in Hadiths

Narrated Abud Darda: The Prophet ﷺ said: On the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your names and by your father’s names, so give yourselves good names. (sunan abi daud: 4948)

Hazrat Anas said; I took ‘Abd Allah b. Abi Talhah, when he was born, to the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), and the prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) was wearing a woolen cloak and rubbing tar on his camel. He asked:
Have you some dates? I said: Yes. I then gave him some dates which he put in his mouth, chewed them, opened his mouth and then in it. The baby began to lick them. The prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: ANSAR’s favourite (fruit) is dates. And he gave him the name of ‘Abd al-Rahman.  (sunan abi daud: 4951)

Narrated Abu Wahb al-Jushami (RA):
The Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) said: Call yourselves by the names of the Prophets. The names dearest to Allah are ‘Abdullah and ‘Abdur Rahman, the truest are Harith and Hammam, and the worst are Harb and Murrah. (sunan abi daud: 4950)

Muslim conditions regarding naming children

Today, the world of the Internet has become very common and popular. People take the help of Google and YouTube for many of their issues, one of which is the naming of babies.

Earlier, people used to go to scholars and experts in Islamic studies to name their children, and they would suggest suitable names.

But now mostly people access the internet for naming, and they name by trusting these websites and blogs.

Nowadays, in our society, a lot of meaningless names are seen, in which the names of the Internet play a major role.

There are hundreds of Islamic name websites on the internet, and Facebook and Instagram have a long list of Islamic names and their meanings. But I say with full confidence that most of these names and their meanings are wrong.

And the reason for this is that our Islamic names are generally Arabic, Persian, or Urdu, which the majority of Muslims are not familiar with.

And this is also the case with people who publish these names on websites. They know a little bit of English, but they don’t know Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu. That’s why they write the reverse meaning of the names and publish them on their blog, and people who are searching for the name on Google assume that these bloggers must have been correct and considered good when they published them, and they believe them and put names with the reverse meaning.

We are definitely not saying that you should not search for a name on the Internet or that you should not choose a name from the Internet; you should search for a name and choose a name; just make sure that you consult an expert before finalizing the name. Be sure to ask if I want to keep this name—is it okay or not? If they finalize, then keep the name; otherwise, find another name and ask about it again.

It happens more to me that people send me internet names and ask me if they are correct or not. And many people also refer to websites that say the meaning of the name is correct or not. And I research the name and tell him if it’s right or wrong. Well, I have relatives who contact me, but I don’t know how many people will trust these names, so I thought of making a list of correct names and then publishing it on my blog so that common people will know and can also benefit from this.

List of  Men Names With Meaning  For S

Best Muslim Names with meaning

ساجد SajidArabicone who prostrates in adoration or prayer, adorer, worshipper, prostrating in adoration
سادات SadaatArabicrespectful, masters, princess, lords
descendants of Hazrat Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad
سالک SalikArabicone who goes along, going, travelling, traveller
( Metaphorically) devotee;a class of Moḥammadans who observe the law and lead a domestic life;an individual of that class, mystic, Sufi, a devotee (of the mystic path )
سالم SalimArabicperfect, entire
whole, complete
safe, secure, sound
سبحان SubhanArabicglorifying, magnifying, praising God
سبطین SibtainArabictwo grandsons of Prophet Muhammad: Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Husain
سحاب SahaabArabiccloud
سدید SadidArabicstrong, upright, righteous
سدیس SudaisArabicThe sixth
سراج SirajArabiclamp, candle, sun
سراقه SuraqaArabicStolen thing, a distinguished person of the Quraysh dynasty (Arab)
سرحان SirhanArabicWolf
سرمد SarmadArabiceternal, everlasting, perpetual, overjoyed
سروپ SuroopSanskritlike, similar, handsome, beautiful, well-formed
سرور SarwarPersianCommander
سعود SaoodArabicBlessed
سعید SayeedArabicfortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous
سلامت SalamatArabicsafety, peace, state of being secure from danger or harm, health
securely, safely, in safety
سلسبیل SalsabeelArabicname of a fountain in Paradise
running clear water
anything tender and digestible
سلطان SultanArabicking, emperor, a ruler, monarch, sovereign, potentate
convincing, proof
absolute power, sway, authority
سلمان SalamanArabicSafety, peace
سلیک SaleekArabicThreaded, knotted, knotted, attached.
سلیم SaleemArabicaffable, courteous, free from flaw or stain, wholesome
safe, secure, free
sound, perfect
سلیمان SulaimanArabicsafety, peace, state of being secure from danger or harm, health
سمّاک SammakArabicfish seller
سمران SamraanArabicStoryteller
سمسام SamsaamArabichigh speed and Light and delicate thing
سمید SameedArabicFlour core, a type of white flour
سمیر SameerSanskritgentle wind
سمیط SumaitCompanion’s Name
سنان SinanArabicspear-head, point, spear (of a spear or arrow), the point of an arrow or needle
arch, javelin, lance
sharpness of anything
سندان SindanPersianAnvil, the iron on which iron is beaten.
سہیل SuhailArabicthe star Canopus
(Figurative) shining star
( Metaphorically) bright, prominent
سهیم SaheemArabiceven, equal, an equal, a partner
سیرین SireenArabicFamous muhaddith, jurist and imam of interpretation of Dream
سیف SaifArabicSword
سیماب SeemabPersianmercury, quicksilver, restless
شارق ShariqArabicsparkling, bright, shining, illuminous (sun )
شاکر ShakirArabicindebted, obliged, beholden, grateful, thankful, content with one’s lot
شاہِد ShahidArabiceyewitness, bystander
sweetheart, beloved
شاہین ShaheenPersian(Bird) a royal white falcon (in some books a falcon has been called an eagle)
the pointer of a scale, the beam of scale, the tongue of a balance
a type of trumpet
a kind of gun in time of Mughal
شبیب ShabeebArabicName Of Sahabi
شبیر ShabbeerSyriacbeautiful, a man with high quality and character, appellation of Hazrat Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, name of Haroon Alaihisslam’s son
شجاع ShujaArabic

brave, valiant

شرافت SharafatArabicdignity, honour, state of being noble, nobility, civility, good manners, courtesy, politeness
شرید ShareedArabicvagabond, vagabond, vagabond, tramp
شعیب ShuaibArabicProphet Jethro or Hobab, the father-in-law of Moses, Small gorge
شفقت ShafqatArabicaffectionate kindness, clemency
شفیع ShafeeArabicone who recommends, advocate, intercessor, mediator, possessor of the right of pre-emption
شفیق ShafeeqArabiccompassionate, affectionate, merciful, a kind friend, gracious
شکیب ShakeebPersianPatience, endurance
شکیل ShakeelArabicHandsome, comely
شمّاس ShammaasArabicsun-worshipper
شمشاد ShamshadPersianthe box tree, tall and upright, the graceful figure of a beloved
شھاب ShihabArabicflame, flashing fire
flame (of fire), a firebrand
a brightly-shining star, a shooting or falling star, a meteor, comet
شھاب ShahaabPersiana red colour (said to be the colour extracted from bastard saffron)
milk diluted with water
deep red colour used in paintings
the doublet of ‘shah-aab’
a young dog, puppy
شیث Shees/ SheethArabicLiterary: God’s gift, The name of a Prophet who was the third child of Prophet Adam, because Kabil had killed Habil, therefore Allah gave him as a replacement for him
شیراز ShirazPersianShiraz, a city in Iran
curd strained from whey and firm, cheese
صائب SaaibArabicwell-directed, well-aimed, right (as an opinion), sound in judgement, appropriate
صابر SabirArabicenduring, forbearing, a person with patient, person with fortitude,
a title of Prophet Job who is famous for great patient
صادق SadiqArabictrue, faithful, veracious, sincere, true to one’s word
candid, obvious
صادقین SadiqeenArabicTrue, righteous
Elders and Prophets.
صالح SalihArabicvirtuous, pious, good, of good moral character, Righteous, chaste
a prophet mentioned in the Quran and Bahaai books who prophesied to the tribe of Thamud in ancient Arabia
صبحان SabhaanArabicMorning wine drinker
صبحان SubhaanArabicfriend
صبغۃ اللہ SibghatullaArabicGod’s will
true faith, Islam
صبیح SabeehArabicfair-complexioned, of good complexion, bright, or fair of face
( Metaphorically) beautiful, handsome, comely, graceful, elegant
صداقت SadaqatArabictrue or sincere friendship
love, affection
sincerity, candour
loyalty, fidelity
صدام SaddamArabic

Striking, courageous, brave

صدیق SadeeqArabicFriend
صدیق SiddeeqArabic

ever truthful, true, sincere

صغیر Saghir/ SageerArabicjunior, minor, small,
inferior, contemptible
صفدر SafdarArabicwarrior who breaks the enemy ranks, one who disrupts the enemy’s line
صفوان SafwanArabicrocks, stones
صمصام SamsaamArabicA sword, a dagger, (N) active, light. (Adj).
sharp sword
صھیب SuhaibArabicA Sahabi named Hazrat Suhaib Rumi
صولت SaulatArabicawe, fear, dread, fury, dignity, pomp and show, commanding personality


List of Muslim Male Names of Sahaba For S

Names in ArabicName in English

List of Muslim Female Names of Sahabiyat For S

سُعَاد So’aadArabicName of Sahabiyah, Lucky
سَعْدَة Sa’adaArabicgood fortune, Lucky
سُعَيْدَة SayeedahArabicgood fortune, Lucky
سَلْمٰى SalmaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Protected from harm
سُمَيَّة SumayyiahArabicName of Sahabiyah
سُنْبُلَة SumbulahArabicSpica
سَهْلَة SahlaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Smooth, fluent
سُهَيْمَة SuhaimaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Small arrow
سَوْدَة SaudahArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
شُرْفَة ShurfaArabicbalcony, gallery, high place
شُمَيْلَة ShumailaArabiclittle turban
شَهِيْدَة shaheedahArabicWitness
صَفِيَّة SafiyyiahArabicPure, Loyal friend

List of Muslim Female Names With Meaning  For S

سائره SairaArabicitinerant
سائحه Sa’ihaArabicone who fasts or observes Lent, fasting person, a traveller, pilgrim
ساجده  SajidaArabicProstrate in adoration, —one who prostrates himself in adoration or prayer, an adorer,
ساره Sarah/ SaraHebrew/ ArabicMeans “lady, princess, noblewoman” in Hebrew.
In the Old Testament this is the name of Abraham’s wife, considered the matriarch of the Jewish people.
She was barren until she unexpectedly became pregnant with Isaac at the age of 90.
Her name was originally Sarai, but God changed it at the same time Abraham’s name was changed (see Genesis 17:15).
ساعده Saa’idaArabicassistant, helper
سالكه SalikahArabicone who goes along, going, travelling, traveller, mystic, Sufi, a devotee (of the mystic path )
سالمه SalimahArabicSafe, pure, clean
سانيه Sania/ SaniyahArabicA camel carrying water from a well
ساهره SahiraArabicAwake, alert, careful
سبد گل Sabde GulPersianbasket of flowers, the gardener’s flowers basket
سبره SabrahArabicCold morning
سبيعه Subaia’hArabicName of Sahabiyah, The seventh
سبيكه Sabika/ SabikahArabicSilver, gold, or metal molded into a shape
سجيعه Sajee’a/ SajeeahArabicStraight walker
A camel making a sound in masti
Fit and proper face
A well-built face
سحر SahrArabictime a little before day-break; day-break, dawn of day
سحرش SahrashArabicLike the morning
سدره SidrahArabicberry or lote-tree, name of a tree in Paradise
سعدى Su’adaArabicfortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous
سعوده SuodahArabicgood luck, good fortune
سعديه  Sa’diaArabic

fortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous

سعيده SaeedahArabic

fortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous

سفانه SuffanahArabicThe pearl
سفيره SafirahArabicFemale Ambassador
سفينه SafinahArabicBoat, vessel, ship
سکیزہ SikizahPersianTo leap, to jump
سكينه SakinahArabicquieted, tranquility, peace
dignity, honour, prestige
سلامه SalamaArabicSafe, secure
سلطانه SultanahArabicqueen, and empress
سلمى SalmaArabicbeloved, delicate woman
سلوى SalwaArabic

quail, honey

سلوه  SulwahArabicSpring of life, consolatory
سليمه SalimaArabicSafe, secure
سمره SamraArabic


سميعه SamiaArabicListener
سميكه SumaikaArabicsmall fish
سميه SamiyyahArabicsame name, high, elevated, exalted
سميه SumaiyyahArabicname of many Sahabiyat high, elevated, exalted
سنا SanaArabicThe brightness, shine
سنبل SumbulArabic

a plant of sweet odour, a type of fragrant plant

سندس SundusArabicbrocade, a fine silk cloth, thin, or fine silk brocade
a rich silk, satin
سهله SahlaArabicConvenience and ease
سهيله SuhailaArabicConvenience and ease
سهيمه SuhaimaArabicpartner
سوده SawdaArabicpalm-tree garden
This was the name of a wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
She was said to have lived for a time in Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia and Eritrea).
سويه SawiyyahArabicEquality, moderation, justice
سيما SeemaArabic/ Sanskritforehead, face, visage, countenance, limit, extremity, boundary, mark, sign
سينين SineenArabicThe Holy Mountain
شائستہ ShaistahPersianpolite, gentle, well-bred, refined, decent, courteous, meek,
شائینہ ShainaYiddish/ GermanBeautiful
شاذيه ShaziaArabicRare, strange
شازيه ShaziaArabicElevated, exalted
شارقه ShariqaArabicbright object, Sunlight
شافعه Shafiah, ShafiaArabicRecommender
شاكره ShakiraArabicThankful woman
شاهده ShahidaArabicfemale witness
شاهيه ShahiyaArabicdesire, aspiration, wish, will
شبانه ShabanaPersiannightly, nocturnal, related to night
شبنم ShabnamArabic/ Persiandew, a kind of fine white cloth
شبره ShabrahArabicgift, present, endowment, grant, assignment
شرفه ShurfahArabicspecial raised platform or dais to seat royalty or important guests, Porch
شفا ShafaArabicthe edge
شفا ShifaArabicHealth
شفق ShafaqArabicevening twilight, colours of the sky between sunset and nightfall, redness in the horizon at sunset
redness of cheeks or lips
affection, kindness
شفيعه ShafeeahArabicone who recommends, advocate, intercessor, mediator, possessor of the right of pre-emption
شفيقه ShafiqahArabiccompassionate, affectionate, merciful, a kind friend, gracious
شقيره ShaqeeraArabicReddish
شقيقه ShaqiqaArabicreal sister
that terrain of the earth that is in the middle of two areas of the desert
migraine, one side of the head, temple
شکیبہ ShakibaPersianPatience, endurance
شكيله ShakilaArabicBeautiful
شگفتہ ShaguftaPersianbloomed, flourishing, blooming, cheerful, happy, interesting
شمامه ShammamaArabicfragrance, sweet scent, an aromatic paste, small sweet-smelling lozenge, pastille
شمائله ShamailaArabicGood habits
شمسه ShamsaArabicSun
شمع ShamaArabic

candle, lamp

شميله ShumailaArabicGood habit, Well-mannered
شميم ShamimArabicaroma, fragrance, perfume, scent, odour, scent
شهلا ShahlaArabichaving a tinge of blue or gray or red or green in the black (of the eye)
having dark gray eyes with a shade of red
a kind of flower (which poets, often compare with the eyes of beautiful women)
a black eye inclined to red
a woman with such eyes
شَہْناز ShanaazPersianbride, beautiful
شهيم ShahimArabicalert, subservient, watchful, wise, clever
شیریں ShireenPersiansweet
pleasant, gentle
lover, beloved
Shirin, the wife of Iran’s king and beloved of Farhad
شیلا ShailaSanskritA solid mountain, a stone mound, a rock
شيمه ShimaArabicNature, temperament, habit
صابره SabiraArabicA patient woman
صاحبه SahibahArabicFriend, owner, ruler, manager
صادقه SadiqahArabicA truthful woman
صافيه SaafiahArabicClean, pure, dustless, unadulterated
صالحه SalehaArabicchaste and pious (woman)
صائبه SaaibahArabicjust, right, rightful, true, real, actual, correct, justified
صائمه SaaimaArabicFasting person
صائنه SaainahArabicone of the security personnel, protector, defender, curator, watchman
صبا SabaArabicthe east wind, or an easterly wind
a gentle and pleasant breeze
the morning breeze
صباح SabaahArabicdaybreak, dawn, early morning, morning
fair-complexioned and beautiful
صباحت SabahatArabicfair complexion, brightness of face
( Metaphorically) beauty, comeliness, gracefulness, elegance, loveliness
صبيحه SabihaArabicfair-complexioned, of good complexion, bright, or fair of face
( Metaphorically) beautiful, handsome, comely, graceful, elegant
صخره SakhrahArabicThe rock
صدف SadafArabicthe mother-of-pearl shell, mother-of-pearl, an oyster-shell
a kind of goblet which is very similar to oyster shell
صديقه SiddiqahArabicA truthful woman
صغيره Saghira/ SageerahArabicSmall
صفراء SafraArabicGolden, yellowish
صفوه SafwahArabicThe purest thing, the chosen and the favorite
صفيحه SafihaArabicThe surface of the oblong object, the layer of glorification
صفيه SafiyyahArabicchosen lady,
The name of one of the wives of the Holy Prophet Muhamamd
صنوبر SanoobarArabicthe pine-tree, fir
juniper, a cone-bearing tree
صوبيه SowaibahArabicTrue and right
صوفيه SoofiyahArabicA pure woman, a worshipful woman


Best Muslim Names with meaning

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