Surah Alam Nashrah PDF

Surah Alam Nashrah PDF, Alam Nashrah PDF

Download Surah Alam Nashrah PDF 49 KB

Summary of Surah Alam Nashrah

In this surah, you (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) have been assured that just as Allah has been gracious to you in the past, it will continue to be so in the future.

Be a candidate for the mercy of Allah Almighty, and do not be afraid of temporary troubles, surely after every hardship, ease is necessary. Stand up to worship Allah, work hard in His service, and set your heart on Allah alone.

Just as this surah teaches the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to face the troubles of the world with courage, In the same way, it gives an unparalleled lesson of consolation for every Muslim and it also shows what a man should do after finishing his related trivial tasks.

It has been mentioned that the blessing or understanding that man has received is from Allah Ta’ala, He explains the straight path on every occasion, He saves us from troubles and difficulties, and if we get honor, it is from Him. If fame and status is gained, then it is gained towards that.

Download Surah Alam Nashrah PDF 49 KB

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