Al Balad Surah

Surah Balad PDF, Surah Al Balad PDF

Surah Balad PDF In Arabic 49 KB

Introduction Surah Al-Balad

This surah is number 90 in order. This is a Makki surah, it has 20 verses and one bow. It also explains moral, social and religious orders. In particular, the rights of the servants have been mentioned, but the conditions have been attached to them that the doer of good deeds must be a Muslim, meaning that faith in Allah is the most important.

To prove this, Allah Almighty swears by the city of Makkah and at the same time by Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him) and the children of Adam that man has been sent to this world to live a life of hard work and hardship.

Not only is luxury and sport sent for spectacle, but at every step it is being watched but devoured.

And as a result of this, two groups of people come into existence. That is, the Companions of Al-Maymina and the Companions of Al-Mushaima. And heaven and hell have been created for these two groups.

Surah Balad PDF In Arabic 49 KB


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