You are currently viewing Surah Ghashiyah PDF, Surah Ghashiya Full PDF

Surah Ghashiyah PDF, Surah Ghashiya Full PDF

Download Surah Ghashiyah Arabic PDF 48 KB

Introduction Of Surah Ghashiyah

It is a Makki surah and comes at the 88th position in the sequence.

It was also revealed in the early period of Mecca. It depicts great horrors and also mentions the best and most gratifying rewards that will be given to the fortunate ones because they will know Allah’s power, existence and majesty more fully tha0n anything in the world. They guessed and then started worshiping and obeying him in the same sense.

In this surah, apart from many other things in the universe, the camel is mentioned as a strange animal, which in terms of its structure, size and habits is a model of the most amazing suitability for its specific regions  And by looking at that, the power of Allah is revealed to us like the light of day.

In the same way, everything in this universe is the masterpiece of Allah. Look everywhere, Allah, the Creator and Owner, appears in a new glory. In the end, while comforting the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), he said that you should convey our message to these people. Only the rest of us have built a great group of good and bad people. After all, they are with me. I will deal well.

Download Surah Ghashiyah Arabic PDF 48 KB

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