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Surah Naziat PDF, Surah Naziyat, Surah An Naziat PDF

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Introduction to Surah Naziat

  This surah comes at number 79 in order. There are two Rukus and forty-six verses in it. It was revealed in the early days of the establishment of Makkah.  In this Surah it is emphasized to be revived after death and to believe in the Hereafter.  And for this assurance, the Lord Almighty swears by the angels.  Angels who are not visible to us, but this is also the creation of Allah, responsible for many arrangements of the universe.  And this order of Allah to take out the life of human beings and give them life again is also their responsibility.

Then the story of Moses and Firwaun was told briefly to teach a lesson so that a person can automatically decide what is the end of good and evil? What is the purpose of life? What about resurrection and reckoning and then punishment?

The answer is that they are alive to die, and die to be alive again, will be resurrected to give an account, and the purpose of giving an account is to get punishment or punishment. Only this is the will of God and the system of the Lord of the worlds. As stated, the time is set by Allah, but it is also one of the knowledge of Allah Almighty that just as He did not tell man the time of death, like that He has kept the time of resurrection only in His knowledge. It is in their system to make people aware of this difficult time so that they can make arrangements for it. Because it is in one’s own power to decide whether to be saved and go to heaven or to be punished and go to hell, which can only be done in the life of this world. As soon as you leave here the process time will time out.

Read Surah Naziat In PDF 54 KB

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