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Choosing The Best Islamic Name

Among the moral rights of children over parents is the right to choose a good name.

Parents must choose good names for their children when they are born and avoid giving the child an ugly name that will harm him as he grows up, as, Since there is no doubt that a person’s name has an impact on his psyche, either positively or negatively, depending on the goodness or ugliness of the name.

Importence of Names in Hadiths

Narrated Abud Darda: The Prophet ﷺ said: On the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your names and by your father’s names, so give yourselves good names. (sunan abi daud: 4948)

Hazrat Anas said; I took ‘Abd Allah b. Abi Talhah, when he was born, to the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم), and the prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) was wearing a woolen cloak and rubbing tar on his camel. He asked:
Have you some dates? I said: Yes. I then gave him some dates which he put in his mouth, chewed them, opened his mouth and then in it. The baby began to lick them. The prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: ANSAR’s favourite (fruit) is dates. And he gave him the name of ‘Abd al-Rahman.  (sunan abi daud: 4951)

Narrated Abu Wahb al-Jushami (RA):
The Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) said: Call yourselves by the names of the Prophets. The names dearest to Allah are ‘Abdullah and ‘Abdur Rahman, the truest are Harith and Hammam, and the worst are Harb and Murrah. (sunan abi daud: 4950)

Muslim Conditions Regarding Naming Children

Today, the world of the Internet has become very common and popular. People take the help of Google and YouTube for many of their issues, one of which is the naming of babies.

Earlier, people used to go to scholars and experts in Islamic studies to name their children, and they would suggest suitable names.

But now mostly people access the internet for naming, and they name by trusting these websites and blogs.

Nowadays, in our society, a lot of meaningless names are seen, in which the names of the Internet play a major role.

There are hundreds of Islamic name websites on the internet, and Facebook and Instagram have a long list of Islamic names and their meanings. But I say with full confidence that most of these names and their meanings are wrong.

And the reason for this is that our Islamic names are generally Arabic, Persian, or Urdu, which the majority of Muslims are not familiar with.

And this is also the case with people who publish these names on websites. They know a little bit of English, but they don’t know Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu. That’s why they write the reverse meaning of the names and publish them on their blog, and people who are searching for the name on Google assume that these bloggers must have been correct and considered good when they published them, and they believe them and put names with the reverse meaning.

We are definitely not saying that you should not search for a name on the Internet or that you should not choose a name from the Internet; you should search for a name and choose a name; just make sure that you consult an expert before finalizing the name. Be sure to ask if I want to keep this name—is it okay or not? If they finalize, then keep the name; otherwise, find another name and ask about it again.

It happens more to me that people send me internet names and ask me if they are correct or not. And many people also refer to websites that say the meaning of the name is correct or not. And I research the name and tell him if it’s right or wrong. Well, I have relatives who contact me, but I don’t know how many people will trust these names, so I thought of making a list of correct names and then publishing it on my blog so that common people will know and can also benefit from this.

Female Names List of  With Meaning

Best Muslim Names with meaning



List of  Names of Sahabiyat For Muslim Girls

Muslim Girls Names of Sahabiyah
آسِيَة Aasiyahwife of Firaun
آمِنَة AaminahArabicbeliever
أَثِيْلَة Aseelah/AtheelaArabicReal or inherent
أَرْوَى ArwahArabicName of Sahabiyah
أَسْمَاء AsmaArabicName of Sahabiyah
أُمَامة UmamaArabicName of Sahabiyah
أَمَةُ الله Amatul lahArabicServant of Allah
أُمَيْمَة  UmaimahArabicName of Sahabiyah
أُنَيْسَة UnaisaArabicFamiliar
بُجَيْنة BuhainahArabicName of Sahabiyah
بَرْزَة BarzahArabicMaturation of opinion and intellect
بَرَكَة BarakahArabicGood luck
بَرَّة BarrahArabicGoodness, kindness
بَرِيْرَة BarirahArabicName of Sahabiyah
بَريْعَة BariyahArabicBrilliant
بُسْرَة BusrahArabicbud, Khujoor
بُهَيَّة BuhayyahArabicpretty, glossy, pleasant
بَيْضَاء Baiza/ BaidhaArabicwhite
تَمِيْمَة TameemahArabiccomplete, whole, perfect,
ثُبَيْتَة SubaitahArabicSteadfast, strong, stable, established
جَمِيْلة JameelahArabicbeautiful
جُمَيْمَة JumaimahArabicrelax,
جُوَيْرِيَة JuwairiyahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Little gorl
حَبِيْبَة HabeebahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Dear
حَرَمْلَة HarmalahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حَسَّانة HassanahArabicbeautiful
حَسَنَة HasanahArabicGood deed
حَفْصَة HafsahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حَلِيْمَة HaleemahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حُمَيْمَة HumaimahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حُمَيْنَة HumainahArabicName of Sahabiyah
حَوَّاء HawwahArabicName of Sahabiyah
خالِدَة KhalidahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Etarnel
خَدِيْجَة KhalidahArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
خُزَيْمَة KhuzaimahArabicName of Sahabiyah
خُضْرة Khuzrah/ KhudhrahArabicGreenery, Softness
خُلَيْدة KhulaidahArabicEtarnel
خُلَيْسَة KhulaisahArabicName of Sahabiyah, brave
خَنْسَاء KhansaArabicName of Sahabiyah
خَوْلَة KhaulahArabicName of Sahabiyah
دُرَّة  DurrahArabicName of Sahabiyah, Pearl
رَائِعة RayiyahArabicAmazing
رُبَيِّع RubayyiArabicName of Sahabiyah
رَزِيْنَة RazeenahArabicSeriousness, dignity, tolerance
رِفاعَة Rifaa’ahArabicLoudness of voice
رُفَيْدة RufaidahArabicName of Sahabiyah, assistant director
رُقَيَّة RuqayyahArabicDaughter of Muhamamd (S A W)
رَمْلَة RamlahArabicName of Sahabiyah
رُمَيْثَة Rumaisa/ RumaithaArabicName of Sahabiyah
رَوْضَة Raizah/ RaudhaArabicGarden
رَيْحَانة RaihanaArabicflower of paradise
زَيْنَب ZainabArabicDaughter of Muhamamd (S A W)
سُعَاد So’aadArabicName of Sahabiyah, Lucky
سَعْدَة Sa’adaArabicgood fortune, Lucky
سُعَيْدَة SayeedahArabicgood fortune, Lucky
سَلْمٰى SalmaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Protected from harm
سُمَيَّة SumayyiahArabicName of Sahabiyah
سُنْبُلَة SumbulahArabicSpica
سَهْلَة SahlaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Smooth, fluent
سُهَيْمَة SuhaimaArabicName of Sahabiyah, Small arrow
سَوْدَة SaudahArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
شُرْفَة ShurfaArabicbalcony, gallery, high place
شُمَيْلَة ShumailaArabiclittle turban
شَهِيْدَة shaheedahArabicWitness
صَفِيَّة SafiyyiahArabicPure, Loyal friend
عاتِكَة AatikahArabicVery fragrant
عالِية AaliahArabicHigh-ranking
عائِشَة AayishaArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
عَذْبَة AzbahArabicSweet
عِصْمَة IsmahArabicAvoid sins
عَفْرَاء AfraArabicName of Sahabiyah
عُلَيَّة OlayyiahArabicHigh-ranking
عَمْرَة AmrahArabicName of Sahabiyah
عُمَيْرَة OmairahArabicName of Sahabiyah
عُوَيْمِرَة OwaimirahArabicName of Sahabiyah
فارِعَة  FariyahArabicThe highest part of the mountain
فاطِمَة FatimahArabicDaughter of Muhamamd (S A W)
فَرْوَة FarwahArabicName of Sahabiyah
فُرَيْعَة Furai’ahArabicLittle branch
قُرَّةُ الْعَيْن Qurratul ainArabicCoolness of eye
قُرَيْبَة QuraibahArabicNear
كَرِيْمَة KareemahArabicGenerous
لُبَابَة LubabaArabicA pure part of everything, Essence, the brain
لُبنٰى LubnaArabicName of Sahabiyah
لَيْلٰى LailaArabicName of Sahabiyah
مَارِيَة MaariyahArabicServant of Muhamamd (S A W)
مُحِبَّة MuhibbahArabicloving
مَرْضِيِّة Marziyyah/ MardhiyyahArabicSatisfying
مَرْيَم MaryamMother of Isla Alaihisslam
مَسَرَّة MasarrahArabicDelight
مُطِيْعَة MuteeahArabicObedient
مُلَيْكَة MulaikahArabicName of Sahabiyah
مَيْمُوْنة MaimoonaArabicWife of Muhamamd (S A W)
نائِلَة NaaylahArabicName of Sahabiyah
نُسَيْبَة NusaibahArabicName of Sahabiyah
نَفِيْسَة NafeesaArabicPrecious, Excellent
هَالَة HalaArabicName of Sahabiyah


Best Female Muslim Names

آبلُوچ AablochPersianwhite sugar, twice refined sugar, double refined candy, crystallized sugar, candy
آرزو AarzooPersianwish, desire, longing, appetency, eagerness, yearning, want
request, entreaty
آزفه AzifaArabicComing up soon
آسيه AasiahArabic/ Persian(Arabic) name of Pharaoh’s wife who was the foster mother of Prophet Moses
(Persian) shocked, appalled, angry, upset, distraught
آفریدہ AafridahPersianbegotten, created, constructed, made, devised, produced, brought forth
آفریں AfreenPersianpraise, laudation, commendation, acclamation, term of praise like well done/ bravo
آلفه AalifaArabickind, compassionate, friendly
آمنه AminaArabicThis was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s mother, who died when he was in childhood. Satisfied, secure, fearless
آنسه AanisahArabicMiss, the title prefixed to the name of an unmarried woman
Young, kind-hearted, eloquent
آئله Ayla AilaHebrew/ Turkish

Halo of light around the moon, moonlight,Halo, with the moon,  oak tree

أثيله Aseela/ AtheelaArabic unmixed, pure, high-born, of noble blood, of good stock or lineage
أديه AdeebaArabicPolite
أريبه  AribaArabicWise, insightful, sensible
أريكه ArikaArabicThe beautiful throne
أزكى AzkaArabicPure or purest
أسماء AsmaaArabicDaughter of Abu Bakr, the first caliph of the Muslims.  great, sign
أسوه UswaArabica leader, an ideal, a problem solver, model, example, emulation
Ashti/ Asti
KurdishPeace, tranquility
أشنه UshnaPersianA kind of fragrant moss
أفراح AfraahArabicjoys, mirths, celebrations
افروزہ AfrozaPersianBurning, kindling, illuminating , Sokhta, wick, A lamp or candle thread
افشاں AfshanPersian

Strewing, dispersion, scattering, sprinkling, shedding

أفق UfuqArabicHorizon,
tract or region of the earth

أقصى AqsaArabicboundaries, confines, limits, far-off places
name of the mosque at Jerusalem
ألفة UlfatArabiclove, affection, friendship, intimacy, familiarity, attachment, kindness
ألما AlmaKazakhApple
الماس AlmaasPersianDiamond
المس AlmusSpanishThe soul
اَمْبَر AmbarUrdu/ Sanskrit/ Persianperfume, sky, cloud, atmosphere
أم كلثوم Umme Kalsum/ KuthoomArabicbeautiful
full of flesh about the face and cheeks
name of the third daughter of Prophet Muhammad
أمّاره AmmaraArabic

the one who follow his desires, domineering

أميمه UmaimaArabicintention
أمينه AmeenaArabic trustee, guardian, trustworthy, faithful
أنابيه Anabia/ AnabiyaArabicMusk, or a certain type of musk-like fragrance

Note: Many websites falsely claim that this is a word found in the Quran. The accurate Quranic word is أناب (anaba) meaning “to turn”, with the implied meaning “to repent and return to Allah”.
According to the website QuranicNames: ‘Anaba can be used as a name, though it is more common to use its noun version of Muneeb for boys and Muneebah for girls’. Furthermore, this name does not means “door of heaven”, as many sources erroneously state. None of the doors of Paradise in Islam have a name similar to this.
But the correct meaning: Musk, or a certain type of musk-like fragrance

أنجم AnjumArabicStars
أنيسه  AneesaArabic the one who loves, associate, companion, comrade
أنيقه AniqaArabicfine, nice, unique, strange  خوشنما، عجیب وغریب، نہایت خوب
إيلاف IilaafArabicMutual love and affection باہمی پیار و محبت
أيمن AimanArabicauspicious, fortunate, happiest
right, right side, on the right hand
safe, protected, secure
safe, secure, happy, void of care
بابره BabraSanskrit/ Urdu/ Persian(Sanskrit) kind of grass used for making twisted rope or string, name of a sweet,
(Persain. Urdu) The lioness
بازله BazilahArabicbenevolent, philanthropic, (one) donating money
بارزه BarizaArabicapparent, manifest, coming forth
بارقه BariqahArabicbright, shining, twinkling
بازغه Bazigha/ BazigaArabicBright
باسله BasilahArabicBrave, heroic, valiant
باسمه BasimahArabicone who makes others smile
باسطه BasitahArabicthe giver of prosperity
باصره BasirahArabicsight, the sense or faculty of seeing
بتول BatoolArabica pure and chaste woman, a nun, usually applied to Mary, chaste woman devoted to God, title of Hazrat Fatima and Prophet Muhammad’s youngest daughter
a virgin, averse from marriage and worldly concerns from religious motives, a vestal, recluse, hermit
بديعه Badee’ahArabica branch of knowledge dealing with qualities of literary writings, innovator, inventor, novel, rare, extraordinary, wonderful
بديله BadilaArabicexchange, substitution, recompense, compensation, reward
return, retaliation, revenge
بديهة BadihaArabicClear, manifest, obvious, evident
بريعه BariaArabicThe expert
بريقه BariqaArabicBright
بسيمه BasimaArabicsmiling, cheerful
بركه BarakhArabicBlessing, Excess, growth, good fortune
بشرى BushraArabicface, visage, countenance, good news
بلقيس BilqeesArabicThe Queen of Saba (Modern historians identify Sheba with the South Arabian kingdom of Saba in present-day Yemen) who was later became the wife of Prophet Suleiman
بونیتا Bonita/ bə-NEE-təSpanish/ LatinPretty, Beautiful, nice, Good
بهجت BahjatArabichappiness, joy, gladness, delight, pleasure, cheerfulness, alacrity
beauty, goodliness, grace, excellence, brightness, splendour
بهجة BahjahArabicHappiness, beauty
بهية BahiyyahArabicpleasant to sight, beautiful, pretty  shine, bright
بيضاء Baiza/ BaidhaArabicshining, bright
clear, clean, pure, spotless
fair woman
بے نَظِیر BenazeerArabic/ Persianmatchless, incomparable, unparalleled, unequalled, unique, peerless
پروین ParveenSanskrit/ Hindi/ Persianclever, intelligent, skilful, knowing, excellent
cluster of small stars, Pleiades, a cluster of stars in Taurus
پری گل ParigulPersian/ UzbekFairy flower, Row of flowers
پَری وَش PariwashPersianangel faced, beautiful, fairy-like, elfin, exquisitely beautiful
تابعه Tabi’ahArabicobedient, subservient, subordinate, attendant, subject to, dependent upon, loyal, submissive, amenable
تابندہ TabindaPersian

bright, luminous, sparkling, shining

تائبه TaibahArabicpenitent, repentant, abstinence, abstinent person
تابِیدَہ TabidaPersianshining, bright, twisted, complicated
تحریم TahrimArabicforbidding, prohibition
glorification, honour, reverence
تسليمه TasleemaArabicConceding, acknowledging, granting;assenting to, accepting
تسنيم TasnimArabica fountain of Paradise
تشميم TashmeemArabicTo smell
تمنا TamannaArabicDesire, longing
تمثيله Tamsila/ TamthilaArabiclikening, comparing
تنزيله TanzilaArabiccausing to alight, sending down
تنعيم Tan’eemArabicbringing up in ease and affluence, pampering
تقيه TaqiyyahArabicfear (of God), piety, hiding one’s faith
تنقيه TanqiyahArabiccleaning, catharsis, clearing out
ثانيه Sania/ ThaniaArabica second, a moment, the sixtieth part of a minute, moment
ثاقبه Saqibah/ ThaqibahArabicshining brightly, glittering, glistening
one that brightens or illuminates
ثروت Sarwat/ TharwatArabicmuch or a great quantity (of property), wealth, affluence
a great number, a multitude
power, authority, influence
ثريا Surayya/ ThurayyaArabicname of a star, the Pleiades, earrings
ثمره Samra/ ThamraArabicresult, gain, reward, Awad, reward, punishment, Benefit, enjoyment
ثمرين Samreen/ ThamreenArabicFruity, fertile
ثمينه Samina/ ThameenaArabiccostly, valuable, precious
ثميره Sameera/ ThameeraArabicFruity, fertile
ثنا Sana/ ThanaArabicpraise (especially for God) applause, eulogy, commendation, salutation
ثوبيه SaubiyaArabicAwad, reward
جاثره Jasira/ JathiraArabicbrave, courageous, heroic
جاذبه JazibaArabicabsorbent, attractive, alluring
جازمه JazimaArabicfirm, solid,silencing or satisfying (answer)
جازبه JaziahArabicGiver of reward and punishment
جبین JabeenPersianthe forehead
جذوه JazwaArabicFlame
جزيله JazilaArabicReward
جليده JalidaArabicStrong, brave
جليله JalilahArabicgreat, glorious, illustrious, powerful, mighty
جمانه JumanaArabicGem, pearl
جميمه JemimaHebrewDove, lucky,  the oldest of the three daughters of Job in the Old Testament
جميله JamilaArabicbeautiful women
جويريه JawairiaArabicThe name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s wife,
A lively and young girl
حاذقه HaziqahArabicAccomplished, skilled, clever. (feminine of Haziq)
حاسبه HasibahArabicAccountant, auditor,  The enumerator
حافظه HafizaArabicA guardian, protectress
حامده HamidaArabicone who praises, Appreciative, grateful
حاميه HamiaArabicprotectress, supporter
حبيبه HabibaArabicfriend, companion
حديقه HadiqaArabicwalled garden, orchard
حريم HareemArabicsacred place the sacred area in Makkah and Medina
حريره HarirahArabicSweet caudle, a dish of sugar, milk, almonds, spices and flour,
A piece of silk cloth
حسّانه HassanaArabicBeautiful
حسناء HasnaArabicBeautiful
حسنات HasanaatArabicThe virtues
حسنه HasanaArabicGoodness, goodness
حسنى HusnaArabicGood, excellent, great
حسيبه HaseebaArabichonourable, respectable, accountant, calculator, great
حفاله HufalaArabicFlock of birds
حفصه HafsaArabic“Hafsa” is the name of the famous Sahabia, the wife of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and the daughter of Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA)
Brave girl
حفيظه HafeezaArabicThe protector
حليفه HaleefaArabica confederate, associate, ally
one bound to another by an oath, sworn friend, friend, comrade
حليمه HalimaArabicgentle, mild-mannered lady, allusion to foster mother of Prophet Muhammad
حمامه HamamaArabicDove, beautiful
حمديه HamdiaArabicAdmirable
حمراء HamraArabicRed
حمساء HamsaArabicbrave
حمنه HamnaArabic“Hamna” is the name of a Sahabia who was the sister of Hazrat Zainab the wife of the Prophet Muhamamd
Beautiful, red grapes

حميده HameedaArabicpraiseworthy, liable, worth admiring
حميراء  HumairaArabicThe title of Hazrat Aisha, Red
حميزه HameezaArabicVery smart, witty and cheerful
حميله HameelaArabicGuarantor, Sword Squad
حميمه HamimaArabicClose friend
حنا HinaArabic

henna, a tropical shrub yielding reddish dye that is used to colour the hands, feet and hair

حنيفه HanifaArabicOne professing the religion of Abraham an orthodox Muslim
unshaken in his religious profession
حوريه HoriyaArabic

paradise’s women with beautiful big eyes

حور العين HooruleenArabicbeautiful eyed, paradise’s women with beautiful big eyes
حيا HayaArabicmodesty, shyness, bashfulness, shyness
خاشعه KhashiahArabicsubservient, servile, humble
خالده KhalidaArabicEternal, ever-living, ever-young
خانم KhanumTurkishlady, woman of rank, princess, wife, madam
خديجه KhadijaArabic

name of Muhammad’s first wife

خلد بریں Khuld BareenArabic/ Persianthe heaven above
خليده KhaleedaArabicEternal, ever-living, ever-young
خليطه KhaleetaArabicpartner, co-partner
خليله KhaleelahArabicfriend, true friend, true or sincere friend
خندہ گل Khanda GulPersianopening of a bud, often analogized as its smiling
خنساء KhansaArabic“Khansa” is the title of one of the Sahabia, whose name was “Tumazar/ Tumadhar”
Khansaa means: Nile Cow
خوباں KhubanPersianthe fair, fair ones, beauties, the fair sex, sweetheart, beloved
خوشبو KhushbuPersian

sweet smell, perfume, fragrance, scent, aroma

خورشیدہ KhursheedaPersianSun, bright
خوشنودہ KhushnudaPersianhappy, pleased, delighted
خوله KhaulahArabicGift, names of many women companions
دانيه DaniaArabicClose, Nearest
دجانه DujanaArabicThe cloud shadow
در فشاں Dur FashanPersianScattered pearls
در مکنون Durre MaknoonArabic/ Persianhidden pearl
درخشاں DarakhshanPersianshining, brilliant, resplendent, glittering, flashing
دردانہ DurdanaArabic/ Persianpearl, single pearl, unique child
دلربا DilrubaPersianbewitching, alluring, heart stealing, one who steals heart
دمیدہ DamidaPersian

bloomed, opened out, blossomed

ديبا DeebaArabicfine silk fabric, silk brocade, a sort of silken texture of high price
ذاكره ZakirahArabica female who mentions or relates, the faculty of memory
ذريره ZarirahArabicA kind of fragrance
ذكيه ZakiyyaArabicsharp, acute, proper name
ذهيبه ZahinaArabicIntelligent Wise/woman
رائعه Raia’hArabicCharming, excellent
رائقه RaiqahArabicLovely, cheerful, wonderful
رابحه RabihaArabicProfitable, successful
رابيه RabiaArabicTough, strong
راجيه RajiaArabicOptimistic
راحه RahatArabicrest, repose, comfort, peace, tranquillity
راحله RahilaArabictraveller
راحمه RaahimahArabicmerciful, compassionate
راسخه RasikhaArabicFirm, strong
راسيه RasiaArabicstrong
راشده RashidaArabictaking or following a right way or course, holding a right belief, orthodox
pious, faithful
one who takes or follows a right way
one who is directed aright
راضيه Razia/ RadhiaArabichappy, satisfied
راعيه RaeyahArabicone who watches over, one who keeps guard, watcher, keeper نگراں، محافظ
رافعه RafiaArabichigh, elevated, exalted, lofty, eminent, sublime, glorious, noble
رباب RubabArabica kind of stringed musical instrument, rebec, viol, harp
ربيبه RabibaArabicstepdaughter, a daughter of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage
رحيله RahilaArabicThe traveler
رحيمه RaheemahArabicmerciful, compassionate
رخسانه Rukhsana/ Roxana/ RhoxaneEnglish, Spanish, Romanian, Ancient Greek PersianBright, shining
This was the name of Alexander the Great’s first wife, a daughter of the Bactrian nobleman Oxyartes.
In the modern era it came into use during the 17th century.
In the English-speaking world it was popularized by Daniel Defoe, who used it in his novel Roxana (1724).
رخشندہ RakhshindaPersianbright, dazzling, flashing
رخيمه RakheemaArabicbright, dazzling, flashing
رزميه RazmiyaArabicSoft-voiced, delicate
رشدى RushdaArabicfollowing the right course, holding the right beliefs, well-guided, maturity of intellect
رشيده RasheedaArabictrained, educated, nutritional
dutiful, pious, righteous, orthodox, guided in the right way, follower of the right path
obedient, the one who obey the order or preaches,
the one who provide wises, a characteristic name of God
brave, courageous
رشيقه RashiqaArabicGood, suitable, excellent Pure and  sophisticated
رضوانه Rizwana/ RidhwanaArabiccomplacency, satisfaction, state of being pleased, keeper, or guardian of Paradise, God’s pleasure, good offices
رضيه Razia/ RadhiaArabic

appreciative, the work of appreciation, pleased, agreed

رغيبه Ragheeba/ RageebaArabicFavorite  پسندیدہ
رفاهت RafahatArabichappiness, peace, comfort, well-being
رفعت Rifa’tArabicdignity, eminence, illustriousness, nobility, exaltation, promotion
height, peak, elevation, altitude
رفيده RafidaArabicA rod or all the rods that are joined together to form a building structure
رفيده RufaidaArabicSmall sticks or all the small sticks that are joined together to form a building structure
رفيعه Rafeea’hArabic

high, elevated, exalted, lofty, eminent, sublime, glorious, noble

رفيقه RafeeqahArabicfriend, associate
رقيبه RaqeebahArabicone who watches over, one who keeps guard, watcher, keeper
رقيقه RuqaiqaArabicsofthearted
رقيمه RaqimaArabicletter, epistle, note
رقيه RuqayyaArabicThe name of the daughter of the Prophet, Muhammad, the name of several Sahabiyat
Development, progress, advancement
رمثاء Ramsa/ RamthaArabicThe land in which the bitter grass called Ramth grows
رميثاء Rumaisa/ RumaithaArabicThe land in which the little bitter grass called Rahmath grows
رمشاء RamshaArabicBouquet, bouquet of flowers
رمنا RamnaSanskrit

Pleasure/sport/dalliance, courtyard

رميشه RamishaArabicA bunch of flowers
رميشه RumaishaArabicA little bunch of flowers
رواء RuwaaArabicbeauty, splendour, prettiness, freshness, beauty, elegance, adornment
روبین RubeenPersianFace watcher
روبینہ RubinaPortuguese/ ItalianDerived from Portuguese rubi or Italian rubino meaning “ruby”, ultimately from Latin ruber “red”.
Simply from the name of the precious stone (which ultimately derives from Latin ruber “red”), which is the traditional birthstone of July. It came into use as a given name in the 16th century
روبینہ RubinaHindi

Faucet, water faucet

روبیہ RubiyaPortuguese/ Italianname of the precious stone (which ultimately derived from Latin rubber “red”)
روقه RouqahArabicAttractive beauty
روقه RooqahArabicVery handsome, Very beautiful
روبي Rubi/ RubyPortuguese/ Italianprecious stone
ريحانه RaihanaArabic, Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, MaranaoPerfume, tulsi or nazbu (an aromatic plant that produces black seeds, its flowers and leaves are very fragrant)
ريطه ReetaArabicThe names of the women Sahabiyat  صحابیات رضی اللہ عنہن کے نام
زارا ZaraArabic/ HebrewThe correct pronunciation of “Zara” in Arabic language is “Zahrah”, its meaning in Arabic language is flower, bud, rose, later it was changed to “Zara” in English language.
“Princess” or “Blooming flower”
زاهده ZahidaArabichermit, devotee, abstinent
religious devout, monk, ascetic, recluse
religious, devout, abstinent, ascetic
زاهرا ZahirahArabicBright, shining
زائره ZaairaArabicA visitor woman of a holy place
زبانه  ZubanaPersiantongue of flame
زبده ZubdahArabicselected, chosen, best
butter, cream, milk froth
the best of anything
زبيده ZubaidaArabicName of Haroon al-Rashid’s wife,
Chosen,selected, chosen, butter, cream, milk froth
زخرفه ZakhrafahArabica painting of flowers, painting or embroidering flowers, The art of painting, decorating, adorned, decorated, embellished
زر فشاں Zar FishanPersiangold scattering, spraying, shiny
زرقاء ZarqaaArabicThe blue
زرقه ZurqahArabicBlueness, bluish color
زرگوں ZargoonPersianGolden
زرينه ZarinaPersiangolden stuff, golden, made of gold, sparkling, a golden vessel, a soup made of bread-crumbs
زعيمة ZaeemahArabicaccountable, guarantor, prominent personality, leader, chief,
زكيه ZakiyyahArabica chaste woman, an intelligent woman
زلفى ZulfaArabicnearness, propinquity, approximation, approach
زمهرير ZamharirArabicwinter season, intense cold
زنجبيل ZanjabilArabicginger, dry-ginger
زنيره ZinniraArabicName Of Sahabiyah,  A thoughtful and thoughtful woman
زنيره ZunnairaArabicSmall stones
زهراء ZahraArabicappellation of Hazrat Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad
bright, luminous, white, beauteous
زهره ZuhraPersianthe planet Venus
spirit, pluck, courage, boldness
زهيره  ZuhairaArabicSmall flower, bud
زوبيه ZubiaArabicSilently running and slipping away
زيبه ZubyahArabicA high place where water cannot rise, a high embankment of a building
زوفا ZoofaArabicA type of plant whose flowers and leaves are used to make syrup or medicine etc
زويا ZoyaRussian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian“life” in Greek Language.
From early times it was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of Eve.
It was borne by two early Christian saints, one martyred under Emperor Hadrian, the other martyred under Diocletian.
The name was common in the Byzantine Empire, being borne by a ruling empress of the 11th century.
As an English name, Zoe (sometimes with a diaeresis as Zoë) has only been in use since the 19th century. It has generally been more common among Eastern Christians (in various spellings).
زيبا ZebaArabicadorning, becoming, befitting, beautiful
arranged, fit, proper
elegant, graceful
زينب ZainabArabicGenerous and fragrant
This is one of the names of the Sahabiyat, the name of one of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter and two of his wives.
زينت ZeenatArabicbeauty, elegance, grace, ornament, decoration, ornature, embellishment, splendor, dignity
سائره SairaArabicitinerant
سائحه Sa’ihaArabicone who fasts or observes Lent, fasting person, a traveller, pilgrim
ساجده  SajidaArabicProstrate in adoration, —one who prostrates himself in adoration or prayer, an adorer,
ساره Sarah/ SaraHebrew/ ArabicMeans “lady, princess, noblewoman” in Hebrew.
In the Old Testament this is the name of Abraham’s wife, considered the matriarch of the Jewish people.
She was barren until she unexpectedly became pregnant with Isaac at the age of 90.
Her name was originally Sarai, but God changed it at the same time Abraham’s name was changed (see Genesis 17:15).
ساعده Saa’idaArabicassistant, helper
سالكه SalikahArabicone who goes along, going, travelling, traveller, mystic, Sufi, a devotee (of the mystic path )
سالمه SalimahArabicSafe, pure, clean
سانيه Sania/ SaniyahArabicA camel carrying water from a well
ساهره SahiraArabicAwake, alert, careful
سبد گل Sabde GulPersianbasket of flowers, the gardener’s flowers basket
سبره SabrahArabicCold morning
سبيعه Subaia’hArabicName of Sahabiyah, The seventh
سبيكه Sabika/ SabikahArabicSilver, gold, or metal molded into a shape
سجيعه Sajee’a/ SajeeahArabicStraight walker
A camel making a sound in masti
Fit and proper face
A well-built face
سحر SahrArabictime a little before day-break; day-break, dawn of day
سحرش SahrashArabicLike the morning
سدره SidrahArabicberry or lote-tree, name of a tree in Paradise
سعدى Su’adaArabicfortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous
سعوده SuodahArabicgood luck, good fortune
سعديه  Sa’diaArabic

fortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous

سعيده SaeedahArabic

fortunate, august, auspicious, blessed, happy
qualified, mannerly, virtuous

سفانه SuffanahArabicThe pearl
سفيره SafirahArabicFemale Ambassador
سفينه SafinahArabicBoat, vessel, ship
سکیزہ SikizahPersianTo leap, to jump
سكينه SakinahArabicquieted, tranquility, peace
dignity, honour, prestige
سلامه SalamaArabicSafe, secure
سلطانه SultanahArabicqueen, and empress
سلمى SalmaArabicbeloved, delicate woman
سلوى SalwaArabic

quail, honey

سلوه  SulwahArabicSpring of life, consolatory
سليمه SalimaArabicSafe, secure
سمره SamraArabic


سميعه SamiaArabicListener
سميكه SumaikaArabicsmall fish
سميه SamiyyahArabicsame name, high, elevated, exalted
سميه SumaiyyahArabicname of many Sahabiyat high, elevated, exalted
سنا SanaArabicThe brightness, shine
سنبل SumbulArabic

a plant of sweet odour, a type of fragrant plant

سندس SundusArabicbrocade, a fine silk cloth, thin, or fine silk brocade
a rich silk, satin
سهله SahlaArabicConvenience and ease
سهيله SuhailaArabicConvenience and ease
سهيمه SuhaimaArabicpartner
سوده SawdaArabicpalm-tree garden
This was the name of a wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
She was said to have lived for a time in Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia and Eritrea).
سويه SawiyyahArabicEquality, moderation, justice
سيما SeemaArabic/ Sanskritforehead, face, visage, countenance, limit, extremity, boundary, mark, sign
سينين SineenArabicThe Holy Mountain
شائستہ ShaistahPersianpolite, gentle, well-bred, refined, decent, courteous, meek,
شائینہ ShainaYiddish/ GermanBeautiful
شاذيه ShaziaArabicRare, strange
شازيه ShaziaArabicElevated, exalted
شارقه ShariqaArabicbright object, Sunlight
شافعه Shafiah, ShafiaArabicRecommender
شاكره ShakiraArabicThankful woman
شاهده ShahidaArabicfemale witness
شاهيه ShahiyaArabicdesire, aspiration, wish, will
شبانه ShabanaPersiannightly, nocturnal, related to night
شبنم ShabnamArabic/ Persiandew, a kind of fine white cloth
شبره ShabrahArabicgift, present, endowment, grant, assignment
شرفه ShurfahArabicspecial raised platform or dais to seat royalty or important guests, Porch
شفا ShafaArabicthe edge
شفا ShifaArabicHealth
شفق ShafaqArabicevening twilight, colours of the sky between sunset and nightfall, redness in the horizon at sunset
redness of cheeks or lips
affection, kindness
شفيعه ShafeeahArabicone who recommends, advocate, intercessor, mediator, possessor of the right of pre-emption
شفيقه ShafiqahArabiccompassionate, affectionate, merciful, a kind friend, gracious
شقيره ShaqeeraArabicReddish
شقيقه ShaqiqaArabicreal sister
that terrain of the earth that is in the middle of two areas of the desert
migraine, one side of the head, temple
شکیبہ ShakibaPersianPatience, endurance
شكيله ShakilaArabicBeautiful
شگفتہ ShaguftaPersianbloomed, flourishing, blooming, cheerful, happy, interesting
شمامه ShammamaArabicfragrance, sweet scent, an aromatic paste, small sweet-smelling lozenge, pastille
شمائله ShamailaArabicGood habits
شمسه ShamsaArabicSun
شمع ShamaArabic

candle, lamp

شميله ShumailaArabicGood habit, Well-mannered
شميم ShamimArabicaroma, fragrance, perfume, scent, odour, scent
شهلا ShahlaArabichaving a tinge of blue or gray or red or green in the black (of the eye)
having dark gray eyes with a shade of red
a kind of flower (which poets, often compare with the eyes of beautiful women)
a black eye inclined to red
a woman with such eyes
شَہْناز ShanaazPersianbride, beautiful
شهيم ShahimArabicalert, subservient, watchful, wise, clever
شیریں ShireenPersiansweet
pleasant, gentle
lover, beloved
Shirin, the wife of Iran’s king and beloved of Farhad
شیلا ShailaSanskritA solid mountain, a stone mound, a rock
شيمه ShimaArabicNature, temperament, habit
صابره SabiraArabicA patient woman
صاحبه SahibahArabicFriend, owner, ruler, manager
صادقه SadiqahArabicA truthful woman
صافيه SaafiahArabicClean, pure, dustless, unadulterated
صالحه SalehaArabicchaste and pious (woman)
صائبه SaaibahArabicjust, right, rightful, true, real, actual, correct, justified
صائمه SaaimaArabicFasting person
صائنه SaainahArabicone of the security personnel, protector, defender, curator, watchman
صبا SabaArabicthe east wind, or an easterly wind
a gentle and pleasant breeze
the morning breeze
صباح SabaahArabicdaybreak, dawn, early morning, morning
fair-complexioned and beautiful
صباحت SabahatArabicfair complexion, brightness of face
( Metaphorically) beauty, comeliness, gracefulness, elegance, loveliness
صبيحه SabihaArabicfair-complexioned, of good complexion, bright, or fair of face
( Metaphorically) beautiful, handsome, comely, graceful, elegant
صخره SakhrahArabicThe rock
صدف SadafArabicthe mother-of-pearl shell, mother-of-pearl, an oyster-shell
a kind of goblet which is very similar to oyster shell
صديقه SiddiqahArabicA truthful woman
صغيره Saghira/ SageerahArabicSmall
صفراء SafraArabicGolden, yellowish
صفوه SafwahArabicThe purest thing, the chosen and the favorite
صفيحه SafihaArabicThe surface of the oblong object, the layer of glorification
صفيه SafiyyahArabicchosen lady,
The name of one of the wives of the Holy Prophet Muhamamd
صنوبر SanoobarArabicthe pine-tree, fir
juniper, a cone-bearing tree
صوبيه SowaibahArabicTrue and right
صوفيه SoofiyahArabicA pure woman, a worshipful woman
ضباعه Zuba’ahArabicFast speed
ضحى Zuha/ DhuhaArabica verse or chapter of the Holy Quran
going forth into the sun, apricating, to sunbathe or bask in the sun
part of the day between sunrise and mid-day
ضمره Zamrah/ DhamrahArabicLean, agile, light
ضميره Zamira/ DhameerahArabicSecret
ضميمه Zamima/ DhamimahArabicaddition, addendum, appendix, prelims, supplement, special edition of a newspaper or magazine
طارفه TarifahArabicEye, a tentacle with raised edges
طالعه TaleahArabicComing out, appearing
طاهره TahirahArabica nick-name of Fatima the daughter of Prophet Mohammad
طبيبه TabibahArabicDoctor, nurse
طريره TariraArabicGorgeous, beautiful
طريفه TarifahArabicNew and nice thing, gift, joke
طلعت TalatArabicappearance, countenance, face, aspect, visage
طلعه Tal’ahArabicFace, appearance, piece of palm bunch
طله TallahArabicDew-drenched earth, fragrance, soothing
طليقه TaliqahArabicCheerful, free, unrestrained
طوبى TubahArabicjoy, happiness, good news, holy, fragrant, sweet, name of a tree in Paradise
delightful, good, excellent
طيبه TaibahArabicanother name for the city of Madina
virtuous (woman), clean, immaculate
طيبه TayyibahArabic

virtuous (woman), clean, immaculate

ظافره ZafirahArabicvictorious
ظاهره  ZahirahArabicobvious, evident, manifest, scene, outward or material shape, form
ظبيه ZabyahArabicThe deer
ظفيره ZafeerahArabicSuccessful, victorious
ظفرين ZafreenArabicSuccessful
ظله ZullahArabicThe awning
ظليله ZaleelahArabicShady, offering shelter
ظهيره ZaheerahArabicSupporter, ally, associate mid day, noon
عابده AabidahArabicWorshipful woman, pious woman
عادله AadilahArabicone who acts equitably or justly, one whose testimony is trustworthy
عائشه AaishaArabicname of the daughter of Abu Bakr, and favourite wife of Muhammad
prosperous, enjoying life
عاتقه AtiqaArabicTo be old, to be noble, to be sophisticated and noble
To be freed
عاتكه AtikahArabicAunty of the Prophet Muhammad, The name of several Sahabiyat
Noble caste Pure red
عارفه ArifahArabicThe knower
عازمه AazimahArabicintending, determined, being resolved
عاصفه AasifaArabicgust of wind, storm
عاصمه AsimaArabicprotector, guardian, guard
(metaphorically) chaste, virtuous, saver from sins
عاطفه AatifahArabicMerciful, Compassionate, Reconciling
عافيه AfiahArabicThe pardoner, Forgiver
عاقبه AqibaArabictrailing behind, last
عاقله AqilaArabic

wise Woman sage, Woman of intelligence or understanding, intelligent, wise, sensible

عاكفه AakifaArabica woman who is bound, committed, restrained
عاليه AliaArabicelevated, eminent, exalted, grand, noble, sublime, lofty, high, honorable, respected, venerable
عامره AmiraArabicflourishing, plentiful, royal
عتيقه AteeqaArabicTo be old, to be noble, to be sophisticated and noble
To be freed
عجيله AjeelaArabicHasty
عديله AdeelaArabicone who dispenses justice, justice
the like or equal (of a thing), alike
equivalent, equal
just, equitable
a counterbalancing load
in quantity or weight equal to a load on one side of a horse or camel
عذراء AzraArabicbeloved, virgin
title of Mary (mother of Jesus)
The title of Hazrat Fatima Zahra daughter of prophet  Muhammad
عذوبه UzoobaArabicsweetness, the quality of being sweet, pleasantness
عروبه ArubahArabicold name for Friday
عربا UrdubaArabicLover of her husband
immensely loving to her husband
عروج UroojArabicbecoming high, climbing up, ascending, (a ladder, specially of a star )
pinnacle, height
zenith, climax
success, ascension, elevation, exaltation, rising
عريج AreejArabicpinnacle, height, zenith, climax
عزوه IzwaArabicAttribution, relativity
عزيمت AzimatArabicresolution, determination, undertaking
عزيمه AzeemaArabicStrong intention
A work that is strongly intended
The work that must be done
عشبه UshbaArabicsarsaparilla, dried rhizomes or tropical plants from which these rhizomes are obtained
عشرت IshratArabicenjoyment, mirth, pleasure, comfort, joy, happiness, delight
عشوه IshwahArabiccoquetry, amorous playfulness
عاصمه AasimahArabicProtector, saver
عصيمه UsaimaArabicSafe
عطاء AtaArabicgift, present, endowment, grant, assignment
عاضده Aadhidah/ AazidahArabicHelper, supporter
عاطره AatirahArabicFragrant
عطوف AtoofArabicVery compassionate and kind
عطيه AtiyyahArabicgift, present, endowment, grant, assignment
عظمى UzmaArabicgreat, supreme the greatest
عظيمه AzeemahArabicgreat, supreme the greatest
عفت IffatArabicchastity, purity, virtue, virtuousness, abstinence, decency, modesty
عفراء AfraArabicWhite earth
The thirteenth night of the lunar month
The top layer of soil
Afraa bint Ubaid bin Thaalba Al-Ansariyyah was a companion of the Messenger of Allah Muhamamd
عفيره UfairahArabicGray color
Ufairah bint Waqid, a worshiper in Basrah ( City in Iraq)
عفيفه AfifahArabicchaste, virgin woman
عقيله AqilaArabicsage, wise, rational
علبه UlbaArabic

A basket, a vessel with handles

عليا UlyaArabicelevated, eminent, exalted, grand, noble, sublime, lofty, high, honorable, respected, venerable
عليقه AleeqahArabicRelation, attachment, bond
عمره AmrahArabicAmrah bint Rawaha is a famous Sahabia
A turban placed on the head, and a hat, etc
The distance between the beads of the necklace
Gold bead necklace making needle
عميره UmairaArabicA small population, a small town
عميقه AmiqaArabicDeep
عناق InaaqArabicHug, meeting, love
عنب InabArabicGrape
عنبر AmbarArabic


عنبرين AmbarinArabica kind of pigeon, a kind of stone, a kind of apple or melon
smelling of ambergris, sweet-smelling, having the colour or odour of ambergris
عنبري AmbariArabica kind of pigeon, a kind of stone, a kind of apple or melon
smelling of ambergris, sweet-smelling, having the colour or odour of ambergris
عنبرينه AnbarinaArabicAmber fragrance
عندليب AndaleebArabicnightingale, bulbul, small migratory bird noted for its melodious songs, often at night
عنزه AnazahArabicA spear, a goat
عنقوده UnqudaArabicBunch
عنم AnamArabicA tree of the Saudi Arabia, the fruit of which is red in color and is likened to a hennaed finger.
عشبه IshahArabicLife
غاده Ghaadah/ GaadahArabicSoft and fragile girl, refreshing tree
غايه Ghadiah/ GadiyahArabicThe morning rain
غازيه Ghaziah/ GaziahArabic/ TurkishWar Champion, Hero, Conqueror
غافره Ghafirah/ GafirahArabicForgiving
غالبه Ghalibah/ GalibahArabicDominant, mighty, powerful
غانمه Ghanimah/ GanimahArabicA gainer of booty, a gainer
غانيه Ghaniah/ GaniahArabicA handsome figure woman who does not need adornments, comfortable and satisfied with her husband
غايه Ghayah/ GayahArabicExtremity, purpose, end
غزاره Ghazara/ GazaraArabicabundance, plurality, plethora
غزاله Ghazala/ GazalahArabicDeer
غزوه Ghizwah/ GizwahArabicDesired thing
غمامه Ghamamah/ GamamahArabicCloud
فاتحه FatihaArabicConqueror, the beginning of any thing
فارحه FaarihaArabicFull of happiness
فارهة FaarihaArabicBeautiful young girl
فاخره FakhiraArabicexcellent, costly, magnificent
فارعه FaariahArabicThe highest part of the mountain
فاضله Fazilah/ FadhilahArabicexcellent, scholar
extra, abundant
learned person, one accomplished in some academic discipline, accomplished
فاطمه FatimahArabica woman who does not breastfeed her kid, a woman who avoid breastfeed after to year to her kid
Fatima-daughter of Prophet Mohammad
فاكهة FakihaArabicDry fruit, fruit
فائزه FaaizahArabicacquiring, attaining, obtaining, reaching
فائضه Faaidha/ FaaizahArabicbeneficent, generous
فائقه FaiqahArabic

superior, excellent, surpassing;paramount;preferable

فتحه Fut’haArabicexpansion, openness, spaciousness
فتيله FatilaArabictwisted thing, A thick wick that is used in lamps, fireworks, stoves, etc
فخامه FakhamaArabicMagnificence, majesty, Greatness, splendor
فراست FirasatArabicwisdom, sagacity, insight, acuteness of mind, shrewdness, discernment, perception or discernment of (one’s) internal or intrinsic condition for character, & c. by outward indications, physiognomy
فرحانه FarhanaArabicglad, joyful
فرحت FarhatArabicpleasure, delight, cheerfulness, joy
فرحين FarheenArabicHappy
فرخانه FarkhanaArabicwide, broad, vast
فرخندہ FarkhandaPersianhappy, auspicious, fortunate, prosperous
فردا FardaPersianupcoming day, tomorrow
فردوس FirdausArabicparadise, garden, garden of Eden
فرزانه FarzanahPersianwise, intelligent, sagacious, brilliant
فردسه FardasahArabicAmpleness, spaciousness
فروه FarwahArabicWealthy, Wealth
فريحه FarihaArabicpleasure, delight, cheerfulness, joy
فريده FaridaArabicsingular, peerless, matchless, having no equal, incomparable
فريضه Fariza/ FaridhaArabicdivine precept or command, duty like: Namaz, liability, responsibility, obligation
فسيحه FaseehaArabicWide, spacious
فصيحه FasihaArabica word or phrase that has eloquence, elegant, polished (language), eloquent
chaste, pure, or sweet (a word, or expression, or speech), perspicuous, clear, polished (language), eloquent, fluent (of speech)
فضاله Fuzalah/ FudhalahArabic

Knowledgeable, knowledgeable More, increased, increased, redundant more than necessary

فضه Fizza/ FidhdhahArabicSilver
فضيله Fazeelat/ FadheelahArabiceminence, greatness, mastery
superior excellence, superiority
excellent quality, excellence
virtue, perfection
superior attainments or knowledge, learning
high academic attainment
فغمه Faghmah/ FagmahArabicSmell of perfume

islamic jurist, one well versed in religious laws, a theologian

فكيهة FakihaArabic

well-behaved, good-tempered, of pleasing manners, cheerful

فلجه FuljahArabicSuccess, achievement of purpose
فلذه FilzaArabic

a piece of (one’s) liver or heart, a darling child, my darling

فهميده FahmidahPersianunderstood, intelligent, wise, prudent
فهيره  FaheerahArabicstone, grinding stone for medicine
فهيمه FahimahArabicwise, intelligent, one who understands
فورزيه FauziahArabicacquiring, attaining, obtaining, reaching
فيروزه FirozahPersianTurquoise
قارئه Qari’ahArabicworshipping, worshipper, votary, one who offers prayers,               a reciter
قاسمه QasimahArabicThe distributor
قاصده QasidahArabicthe one who intends or wills, aim binder, messenger, envoy, courier, emissary
قانته QanitahArabicObedient
قانعه  QaniahArabicContented, satisfied
قدسيه QudsiaArabic

Like angels, pure; A pure woman, having holy attributes

قره QurrahArabiccoldness, temperateness, comfort, light
قرة العين  Qurratul ainArabicit is a plant that grows in stagnant water
coolness of eye, the eye sight, i.e. son or daughter
coolness of the eye, something pleasant to look at, cheerfulness, joy, a beloved object
daughter or son
قطيفه QatifahArabicvelvet
قميره QumairaArabicsmall moon
قنديل QindeelArabicstars, branched, candlestick, candle, lamp, lantern
قنعه Qin’ahArabicHigh position
قوامه QiwamahArabicManagement, responsibility, sponsorship
قويمه QaweemahArabicelegant stature, tall height, Straight, upright
قيصره QaisarahArabicempress
كاشفه  KashifahArabic( person) disclosing or revealing, expounder, explainer, revealer, detector, discoverer, explainer, expounder
a book that explains or expounds terms or technical text(s)
كاظمه KazimahArabicone who controls his/her anger and doesn’t act on it
كامله KamilaArabicthorough, experienced, accomplished
perfect, mature, proficient, entire, expert, skilled person, skillful
full, entire, complete, a master
كبشه KabshahArabicName of several sahabiyat
A large spoon for eating curry or food from the cauldron
كثمه Kusmah/ KuthmaArabicBouquet
كحيله KahilahArabicThe eye where kohl/antimony/collyrium was applied
كحلاءArabiceye filled with kohl, eyes stained with kohl, Very dark-eyed,
كحيله KahilahArabicThe eye where kohl/antimony/collyrium was applied
کرن KiranSanskritray, beam, gleam, flicker, twinkle, glitter
tasselled lace of gold or silver
كريمه KareemahArabicThe name of many Companions, a generous woman, honorable, kind
كشماله KashmalaPashtoNecklace, flower necklace, basilica flower
كعيبه KuaibahArabicHigh
كفيله KafilahArabicone who supports, one who takes the surety or guarantee, a person who stands as surety, a security, bail, pledge
کلیمہ KaleemaArabicengaged in conversation, conversing together
كمامه KimaamaArabicCover of The bud, A cover of palm Bunch
کنول KanwalSanskrit

lotus, heart, a lotus-shaped lampshade, the lotus flower

كنيز KanizPersianmaidservant, handmaid, slavey
(female) devotee
to say and write about one self out of modesty
كوثر Kausar/ KautharArabicName of a fountain or river in Paradise
the name of a sura in the Qur’an
كوثري Kausari/ KauthariArabicHeavenly
كوكبه KaukabahArabiccavalcade, procession
glory and splendour
group (of people), crowd, party, company
star made of gold, silver, etc., worn as insignia of rank

کومل KomalSanskritdelicate, soft, tender, fluffy
soft, tender, delicate, mild
unripe, immature, fragile
كيسه KayyisahArabicIngenious, intelligent, clever, intelligent, understanding
گل رخ Gul RukhPersianrosy-faced or rosy-cheeked
( Figurative) beautiful, handsome
گلِ رعنا Gule Ra’naaArabic/ Persiana rose which is red inside and yellow outside
( Metaphorically) a graceful beauty, beloved, sweetheart
گل فشاں Gul FishanPersian(Metaphorically) eloquent
sprinkling flowers
a small bottle or any utensil that using to put flowers and wine
a kind of fireworks
گلنار GulnarPersianpomegranate flower
scarlet colour, scarlet
گُلِ نارَس Gule NarasPersiana bud yet to bloom into a flower
لامعه LameyahArabicShining, bright
لائبه LaibaArabicThirsty girl
The thirsty girl who wandered around the water and could not reach the water
Note: it is not a good name for naming a baby girl
لبابه LubabahArabicEssence, gist, mind, brain, wise, Pure
لبنى LubnaArabicname of a Sahabia, milky colour
لبيبه LabibaArabicEssence, gist, mind, brain, wise, Pure
لبيقه LabiqaArabicSmart, clever, cheerful
لطفه LatafahArabicpresent, gift
لطيفه LateefaArabicKind, gentle, cheerful
لطيمه LatimaArabicA box of musk
لفيفه LafifaArabicwrapped, folded, involute
collected promiscuously from all parts
لمعات LamaatArabiclights, shining, glaring
لميس LameesArabicthin, delicate
لوزينه LozeenaPersiansweet dish having almond as the main ingredient
لئيقه LyeeqahArabicable, capable, competent, worthy
ليلى LailaArabicname of the beloved of legendary Arab lover Qais
sweetheart , mistress, the epithet of the celebrated beloved of Majnuu.n (Qais) known to have dark complexion
black as night
لينه LinaArabicStem of a date palm tree, soft, gentle, mild, easy, smooth
مائده MaidahArabictable or tablecloth served with food, victuals, diet
name of a chapter of Holy Quran
ماجده MajidahArabicconspicuous for honour, or nobility, honourable, Generous, excellent, noble and honorable
مادحه MaadihaArabicone who praises
مازيه MaziyaArabicVirtue, excellence, preeminence, grace and kindness
ماهره MahirahArabicExperienced, skilled
ماه  رو  MaahruPersianhaving a face as beautiful as the, moon
ماه مبين  Mahe MubinArabicBright moon,  shining moon
ماها MahaArabic(if Maha derived from Arabic)
loud laughter, burst of laughter, guffaw
Note: Then it is not a good name
(if Maha derived from Persian)
Note: Then it is a good name
ماوى MawaArabicabode, habitation, place of resort,ferment, leaven, source, origin, substance
habitation, abode, dwelling, resort, shelter
مباركه MubarakaArabicBlessed
محسنه MuhsinaArabicbeneficent woman
محصنه MuhsanahArabicChaste
محموده MahmudaArabicpraised, eulogized, commended, spoken well of (lady )
مخدومه MakhdumaArabicone who is served-female
مديحه MadeehaArabicthat for which praise is given, a praiseworthy or laudable action, praised one, praiseworthy, admirable
praiser, eulogist
praise, applause
مديره MudirahArabicfemale editor
مرجانه MarjanaArabicsea from masses of shells of very small sea animals, usually orange or red in color, like rock, formed in the sea by groups of particular types of small animal, often used in jewellery, coral
مرضيه Marziyyah/ MardhiyyahArabicFavorite, interesting
مرغوبه Marghuba/ MagoobahArabic

One who is attracted to, favorite, charming

مرينه MarinaArabicmarino is actually the name of a type of mountain ram,
a type of woolen cloth made from marino sheep wool
مزنه MuznahArabicA cloud full of water, a one-time rain
مسرت MasarratArabicpleasure, joy, cheerfulness, rapture, delight, gladness, happiness
مشاهده MushahidaArabicdemonstrator, witness, observer, a person who looks at or inspects something
مشعل MashalArabic

lamp, mussal, torch, flambeau, brand

مشيده MushaiadahArabicStrong
مصباح MisbaahArabiclamp, lantern, light
مصفوفه MasfufaArabiclined up
مصفى MusaffaArabic

clarified, pure, clean, pure

مطيعه MuteeahArabicSubmissive woman, Obedient woman
معصومه MaasumahArabicInnocent
معظمه MuazzamahArabic

venerable, glorious, extolled, glorified, great, honored, magnificent, exalted, august

مفتاح MiftaahArabicKey
مفضالہ MifzalahArabicMost gracious, most benevolent
مقدس MuqaddasArabicThe pious woman
مقصوده MaqsudahArabicbeloved, intended, proposed, intent, design, object, aim, view, target
مكتومه MaktumahArabicHidden, concealed
ملاطفه MulatafahArabiccourtesy, politeness, favour, letter, correspondence
مكنونه MaknoonaArabichidden, veiled
مليحه MalihaArabicCharming woman,  Attractive woman
ممتاز MumtazArabicexalted, distinguished, illustrious, eminent, pre-eminent, unique, name of Mughal Empress (Shah-Jahan’s wife )
ممدوحه MamduhaArabicThe woman who is praised
منال ManalArabicdestination
منزه MunazzahArabic

pure, spotless, blameless, kept apart, free from defects, exempt from impurity

منعام Min’aamArabicthe one who give blessing
منقبت ManqabatArabicanything in which a man glories or which confers on him pre-eminence, glory
accomplishment; praise
منيبه MunibaArabicone appointed to conduct a business
deputy, vicegerent, agent, one appointed to conduct business, foreman
one who turns to the right path
منيحه ManihaArabicDonation, gift
منيفه MuneefaArabicBeautiful woman
مهرين MahreenPersianhaving a face as beautiful as the, Sun
مهيره MaheeraArabic

The woman whose marriage portion or gift (Mahr) has been fixed more

مهر النساء  MahrunnisaArabic/ PersianThe sun of women
مهر جبیں Mahr JabeenPersian

whose forehead is as bright as the sun, beautiful, beloved

مهك MahakHindiFragrance, odour, scent, smell, flavour
مَہ وَش  مهوش MahwashPersianBeautiful as moon, moon-faced
منى MunaArabicWish, desir
منا MunaHopispring
ميمونه MaimunahArabicProphet Mohammed’s wife name, who was the daughter of Alharis of Hawazin tribe and sister of Hazrat Abbas kinship
good luck, fortunate, blessed
نائله NailahArabicObtainer, Recipient
ناجيه NajiahArabicSaved
نادره NadirahArabicany strange or unique thing, uncommon, unique, precious, outstanding, exceptional
ناز NaazPersiancoquetry, amorous playfulness, feigned disdain, dalliance, elegance, gracefulness
pride, grace
نازيه  NaziahPersiancoquetry, amorous playfulness, feigned disdain, dalliance, elegance, gracefulness
pride, grace
ناصحه  NasihaArabicAdmonishing, pure
ناصره NasiraArabichelper, ally, defender, support, assistant
ناصفه NasifaArabicThe way to go water in the valley
The greenery of the valley
ناصيه NasiahArabicforehead, forelock over the head, appearance, preface, foreword
forelock over the head
(Metaphorically) forehead
upper part of the front
ناضره Nazirah/ NadhirahArabicFresh
ناظره NazirahArabicthe eye, sight, vision
related to vision, related to the act of vision, reading through vision
reading, studying (in opposite to repeating by heart )
ناعمه Naa’imaArabic

A woman with a delicate body brought up in grace and grace

نافعه Nafe’ahArabicBeneficial, Profitable نفع بخش
ناهيد NaheedPersian

the planet Venus, the goddess of beauty and love

نباله NabalaArabicNobleness, nobility, intelligence, greatness and dignity
نبيشه NabishaArabic

Soil extracted from the well, deep

نبيله NabilahArabicbeautiful, exalted, superior, prominent, wise
نجمه NajmaArabicStar
نجوى NajwaArabicwhispering, talking quietly through your ears, secret talk, the one who tells secretes and trustworthy
نجيبه NajeebaArabichigh ancestry, lineage, noble, intelligent
نحله NihlaArabictip, gift, grant, sent, donation, gratuity, reward;beneficence, pardon, forgiveness, liberality, generosity
نخبه NukhbaArabicselected, chosen, collected
نديمه  NadeemaArabicA companion, associate, comrade, friend, ally
ندرت NudratArabic

uniqueness, oddness, singularity, rareness, novelty

نزهت NuzhatArabicfreshness, verdure
pleasure, cheerfulness, delight
pureness, innocence, chastity, purity
نسرين NasreenArabic

a wild rose, the jonquil, a kind of white wild rose

نشره NashraArabicSlow wind
نصرت NusratArabichelp, support, assistance, efficient aid, victory
نصيره NaseeraArabicdefender, assistant, ally, helper, helper, friend, ally
نضره Nazrah/ NadhrahArabicFreshness
نطيسه NatisaArabic

Thoughtful in matters, understanding of matter, experts and smart

نعماء NamaArabicComfort, wealth
نعمه Nu’mahArabiccoldness, temperateness, comfort, light
نعيمه NaeemahArabic

benefits, good, pleasure, luxury

نفحت NafhatArabicAroma, fragrance, pleasant smell
نفيسه NafisaArabicA precious thing, a subtle thing
Sophisticated woman
نقيبه NaqeebaArabicchief, leader, herald, intelligent person
نقره NuqrahPersiansilver
Silver (esp. after it has been melted), coin (of silver or gold), money, white colour, or cream-colour (in horses)
silver coin
نكهت  NakhatArabicfragrance, perfume, odour, scent
نمره NamraArabicname of a place in Arafat near Mecca
spotted like a leopard
a dappled cloud
a kind of cloak marked with black and white lines
a woollen Arabian garment of different stripes
نميره NumairaArabicClean and pure as water
نميقه NamiqaArabicletter, epistle, writing
نورين NureenArabicBright, shining
نوشابه NaushabahPersianthe name of a queen who, according to a tradition, was rescued by Alexander the Great from Russia
water of life
نوشين NausheenPersianagreeable, pleasant, honey-like, sweet
نوعه No’ahArabicFresh fruit
نويده NaveedaPersiangood news, happy news
نويره NuwairahArabicA small fire, a small ember, a white flower called a spring flower
نويله NuwailahArabicName of Sahabia
نيلم NeelamPersian SanskritA blue gemstone, ruby
نيلوفر NilofarPersiana lotus like blue flower, Nymphaea lotus, lotus, water lily, nenuphar
نيقه NeeqahArabicrefinement, nicety, exquisiteness, purity
نيله NailahArabicacquiring, acquisition, obtaining, attainment, achievement
واجده WajidahArabicThe recipient
واثقه Wasiqah/ WathiqaArabicstrong, reliable
وادعه Wada’ahArabicModesty and dignity, humility and tolerance, humility and tranquility, gentleness, seriousness
وارثه WarisaArabicSuccessor, inheritor
واصله WasilaArabicConnector
واعظه Wa’izahArabicAdviser, preacher, compassionate
واعيه Wa’iyahArabicIntelligent, conscious, understanding
واقده WaqidaArabicA fire-kindler, an illuminator
واقيه WaqiyahArabicProtective
واهبه WahibaArabica giver, a bestower
liberal, generous, munificent
وثيقه Waseeqah/ WatheeqahArabicaffidavit, document, faith, bound, obligation, confidence, firmness, stipend, allowance, contract, any legal document
وجيهةWajeehaArabicInfluential, talented, handsome
وحيده WaheedaArabicsingle person, individual, unique person, unrivaled, incomparable, nonpareil, singular
وديفه WadeefaArabicLush garden, Green garden
ورده WardahArabicRose
ورديه WardiyyahArabicA rose garden
وسيمه WaseemaArabichandsome, comely
وقيعه Waqeea’hArabicHonourable, valued and respected
وكيعه WakeeaArabicStrong
وليجه WaleejaArabicClose friend
وليه WilliahArabicfriend, guardian, helper, lord, master, prince, heir
وليده WaleedaArabicA minor girl
وميضه Wameezah/ WameedhaArabicShine
هاجر HajiraArabicname of the wife of Prophet Abraham and mother of Prophet Ismail, Hagar the mother of Ismail
traveling woman, refugee women, migrant woman
هاديه HadiaArabica director, leader, guide, director, head of religious order, leader, guide, mentor
هاني HaaniArabicJoyful, cheerful, happy
هما HumaPersiana bird of happy omen in Persian mythology
a bird of happy omen, Phoenix, a fabulous bird
ياسمين YasminArabic


يسرى YusraArabicwealth, ease
یسما YousmaTurkishBeautiful, Pretty
يمنى YumnaArabicThe right hand, the cause of blessing
يمينه YaminahArabicBlessed, right side

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