You are currently viewing Surah Fajr PDF, Surah Fajr Full PDF

Surah Fajr PDF, Surah Fajr Full PDF

Download Surah Fajr PDF Arabic 47 KB

Introduction Surah Al-Fajr

This surah comes at the 89th position in order. It has 30 verses and one bow. It was also revealed in the early period of Makkah. In it, Allah swore by four things that the disbelievers will be punished.

Some people understand that the sign of Allah’s favour is to get good wealth and those who get less are people who are disliked by Allah.

This idea is completely wrong because these worldly gains and losses are an essential part of life and then these are the means to check who is grateful, who is proud and who remembers the rules of Allah in spending money. And who forgets the hereafter in worldly luxury.

Because people will get heaven or hell on the same response. And actions, these are the scales that will make a servant popular with Allah or make him unpopular.

Read Surah Fajr with English Translation and Explanation 

Download Surah Fajr PDF Arabic 47 KB

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