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Surah Inshiqaq PDF, Surah E Inshiqaq PDF

Surah Inshiqaq PDF 41 KB

Introduction Surah Al-Inshaqaq

This surah comes at number 84 in terms of order, It has one Ruku and 25 verses.

In this surah, the beliefs of all religions and the ideas of scientists about the universe have been put aside and the three stages of the universe have been clearly explained, that is, the universe has not always existed, but Allah has created it and every particle of this universe is created for a specific design and purpose and is living, when the goal is accomplished, Allah will wrap it up and then create a new universe.

There are four things in this surah:

  1. All the deeds of man, good and bad will come before him on the Day of Judgment.
  2. Allah has made hard work on the worldly life of man, he has to be engaged in hard work till death and the difference of deeds will not appear here, but one day he will be preceded by his deeds, someone has given his record of deeds in his right hand. will go, and someone will be held behind his back in his left hand, and this will happen on the Day of Resurrection, on that day the circumstances of both will be different.
  3. The current state of man is not the final state, he has to progress step by step, there are two lives ahead, one is the life of the grave, the other is the life of the resurrection, this life will be his last state, and this is explained in two ways. Is.
  4. In the end, there is a harsh rebuke for the disbelievers, they are threatened and the glad tidings of the doom are given, and the righteous believers are given the news of eternal reward.

Surah Inshiqaq PDF 41 KB

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