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Benefits of reading Surah Yaseen

Sayyidna Ma’qil Ibn Yasar (رض) narrates that the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said: یٰسٓ قَلبُ القُرآن (Surah Ya Sin is the heart of the Qur’an) and some words of this Hadith tell us that a person who recites Surah Ya Sin exclusively for the sake of Allah and the ‘Akhirah is forgiven, and that it should be recited over the dead among us (reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawud and an-Nas’i and Ibn Hibban and al-Hakim and others – as in Ruh-ul-Ma’ ani and al-Mazhari).

Imam al-Ghazzali said that one reason for calling Surah Ya Sin the heart of the Qur’an could be that, in this Surah, themes relating to the Day of Judgment and the Resurrection have appeared with particular details and eloquent presentation. Then, out of the principles of faith, there is the belief in the Hereafter, something on which depends the soundness of human deeds. The fear of the Hereafter makes one ready for good deeds and this is what stops one from indulging in desires that are impermissible and things that are unlawful. So, the way soundness of the body depends on the soundness of the heart, similarly the soundness of the faith (‘Iman) depends on the concern for the Hereafter (Ruh). And the way Ya Sin is a well recognized name of this Surah, it is named in a Hadith also as ` Azimah (reported by Abu Nasr as-Sajazi from Sayyidah ` A’ishah (رض) .

[From Ma’ariful Quran English By Taqi Uthmani]

Surah Yaseen PDF In English download

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